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Hopsewee PlantationHopsewee Plantation Georgetown, South Carolina
Hopsewee Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina is also called Hopsewee-on-the-Santee and the Thomas Lynch, Jr. Birthplace, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the plantation would be considered a low country rice plantation, that had been constructed in 1749, with a marvelous rendition of a Carolina "low country" plantation house, with West Indian influences that are reflected in the dormered hip roof and double-tiered piazza. It is about 13 miles south of Georgetown and close to North Santee, South Carolina, filled with outstanding examples of 18th and 19th century period furniture and furnishings, still a private residence, but also offering public tours. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, as well as being listed as a National Historic Landmark. The magnificent plantation house has continued to be in excellent condition, with very little renovations needed, since it has remained occupied since its early construction and the loving care that was given to it by the few owners, actually five altogether, so it has never fell into disrepair or needed any major renovations done to its frame structure. It is an excellent testament to the skills and expertise of the artisans that constructed it, containing four rooms that open into a central hall on each floor, with a full basement and attic rooms. There is a gorgeous staircase that runs up the midst of the house, with wide heart pine floors that used boards almost a full inch and a half thick, hand carved moldings in all the rooms, with many areas using black cypress wood. The plantation had been part of the original lands that was owned by Thomas Lynch, who actually owned the majority of the property that was on the North Santee River, from Hopsewee to the intercoastal waterway, and seven producing plantations. The plantation would be constructed for the Lynch family between 1733 and 1740, and especially chosen by Thomas to house his family, with the lands overlooking the lovely Santee River and the incredible amounts of rice fields that went right up to the river's edge, until the Civil War arrived. Thomas would marry Elizabeth Allston, who was raised on the Brookgreen Plantation, and a member of another of the region's prominent families, and they would have three children, two daughters and a son, Jr. Elizabeth would pass on in 1755, and Thomas would then remarry a Miss Hannah Motte and they would have one daughter, they named Elizabeth. Thomas Sr. was a distinguished public servant, and one of the most significant planters along the Santee, becoming the first President of the Winyah Indigo Society in 1755, but in 1751, he'd been elected to be the delegate to the Commons House of Assembly from Prince George, Winyah parish, which he would serve except for one term until his passing. He would be part of the 1765 Stamp Act congress and in 1774 be elected to the First Continental Congress, and then appointed, along with Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Harrison as advisors to General Washington. In February 1776, he would suffer from a cerebral hemorrhage while in Philadelphia, but the Second Continental Congress would select his son to be a delegate and join his father in Philadelphia, which would give Jr. the express privilege of signing the Declaration of Independence with his father, and the only father and son team to do it, at the age of 26.

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Ripley's AquariumRipley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is housed in a majestic entertainment and dining complex that has many shops, restaurants, rides and the 85,000 square foot aquarium that is filled with all kinds of maritime creatures and fun for all ages. The aquarium contains many outstanding exhibits that include the Rio Amazon, the dangerous reef, discovery center, systems control, touch-a-ray bay, stingray bay, the living gallery and rainbow rock; with the newest and most exciting exhibit opened just recently named aptly; lethal weapons. This exhibit is sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck when you come upon it, showcasing dozens of the most feared and dangerous killers under the sea. It seems that every day is a battle beneath the waves, with various creatures fighting for their lives, and include the majority of these lethal and deadly creatures. There is a golf sized phantom that has enough venom to kill 26 humans, or the electric eel that packs a 500 volt wallop, the insect assassin that shoots down tree-bound bugs or a lethal snail that actually catches and eats the fish it gets and a boxing shrimp that can and will land a punch that packs the force of a bullet! All these and more await your visit as you enter the exciting world of Ripley, now bringing you the horrors of the sea and more. A few of the creatures found in the Rio Amazon exhibit include the red-bellied piranha, red tailed catfish, silver arawana, tiger shovelnose catfish and pacu. The dangerous reef houses the sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, sandbar sharks, tarpon and green turtle; while the living gallery offers bat stars, giant Pacific octopus, west coast sea nettles and regal blue tangs. Rainbow rock contains clown triggerfish, bluespine unicornfish, emperor angelfish, raccoon butterflyfish and the scrawled filefish. The ray bay houses bowmouth guitarfish, cownose rays, spotted eagle ray, southern stingray and whitespotted bamboo shark. It is sure to be a fun-filled day for all the family to enjoy and spend time learning more about the sea creatures that surround us and help keep the oceans a cleaner and more enjoyable place to visit.

February 02, 2011