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DePage Museum It is often hard to find activities while on vacation that are both educational and fun for kids. There are plenty of putt putt golf, bowling alleys, and theme parks around but none of them help to educate your kids. If traveling through Naperville Illinois you are in luck, because you can stop and enjoy the DuPage Children’s Museum. This non profit museum has a few simple beliefs that they up hold which is to give “respect to all children and their ability to learn”, the “power of play as a basis for constructing knowledge”, and “the importance of the child-adult learning partnership.” Dupage is a one of a kind museum that is helping to teach children and develop new methods of better teaching them. You and your kids can be a part of their work by simply coming and enjoying the museum which they offer. The Museum is open from 9am to 4pm on most days and only costs $9.50 for guests under 60. Senior guests get in for a dollar off at $8.50. DuPage Children’s Museums loves to have guests walk in their have programs that are planed each day so you and your kids can enjoy creating crafts, painting, playing, and much much more. A new and exciting new exhibit is coming on September 17th after being closed for about a week for the setup of this exhibit and a deep cleaning of all the nocks and crannies. DuPage will be releasing its brand new Trains – All Aboard Art! Exhibit. I think the name explains what it’s going to be about and it will sure be worth the wait.

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What to explore in Naperville

Moser Tower When traveling through Naperville Illinois you might catch a glimpse of a giant tower. From a distant the tower looks like a large building with a pointed top. If you choose to approach the tower you will began to notice that the upper part of the building is open aired. The tower is actually a Carillon tower. The tower named Moser Tower after it’s a donor who helped to make the tower to be possible. Moser Tower comes in at a height of 160 feet, which is 9 feet taller, then the Statue of Liberty. 160 feet might not sound to be all that tall but its 14 stories. The tower is a great place to take your family and enjoy some present bell live Carillon playing that can’t be heard anywhere else. Each weekend the tower is played by a few artists and the iulschedule can always be found online. There are 2 shows on Saturday and a single show on Sunday. Arrive at either noon or 7 pm on Saturday or choose to come at 4pm on Sunday for a delightful show on Sunday. The Carillon Tower is a great place to take the family it is surrounded my lush grass that just begs to be played on and if you are brave enough you can climb the stairs to the observation deck. The deck is at the very top 14 stories up and only has 4 foot tall fencing keeping guests from the edge. At first the tower doesn’t seem like it would be hard to climb but as you do it gets higher and higher. Another factor that adds into making the trek up the tower had is the open sides. The tower is not completely walled in. As guests get higher it becomes more open and the winds get stronger the higher you climb. This also doesn’t help if the climber is afraid of heights as without walls the full height of the tower is very evident.