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Things to do in New Brunswick

rutgersWelcome to New Brunswick a city started in 1730 and named after the English royal house of Brunswick. Because of the popularity of the town people flocked to it and it soon became a colonial center for trade and commuting for work. The city became so popular in the upper class people and a college, Rutgers University, was founded. This college was not only remarkable for the amount of craftsmanship that was put into it but it was the only college to be put up before the Revolutionary War. Even after the revolutionary war there were only 8 colleges built by the original colonies. With the turn of the Industrial Revolution the city only continued to grow and soon it was the center of the state. With all of the growing industry and thanks to the Raritan River, Delaware and Raritan the water assess only gave more attention to the area and because of the popularity with trade the old mill came to New Jersey. If it had not been for this growth the health care manufacture would have never have come to the town. The growing industry called for a more and more people to help run them and people rushed in. Because of this, the city today has a diverse population which can trace its origins to countries in Europe, Africa, South American, Central America and Asia. This rich heritage can still be seen in New Brunswick and the college that started it all still stands there today. While you are in town you should plan a visit to the college and see the campus and museums.

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A few more things in New Brunswick

stressWhat is a vacation if you are constantly stressed? It’s your vacation maybe it is time to kick back and have a few laughs. Stop by the Stress Factory while you are in New Brunswick and learn the best place in town to have a few laughs. Stop by early and grab a few drinks at the pub and let loose before starting the show. This place has some of the funniest stand-up comedians the city has to offer. With many of famous comedians like Dave Attel, Jim Breuer, Kevin Pollack, Richard Lewis, Louie Anderson, Charlie Murphy, Brian Regan, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Patrice O' Neal, Vinnie Brand, Gilbert Gottfried, Doug Stanhope, Aries Spears, Artie Lang, Chris Rock, Denis Leary, Rich Vos, Ralphie May, Gary Gulman, Andrew Dice Clay there are plenty of reasons to laugh. I five star facility that offers the best service, show, audience, owner, and staff around this will have you feeling like you are in a home away from home. Get over traffic, funding, business and all the other stress of traveling and spend a night laughing it all away.