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New Bedford Whaling Museum New Bedford is a costal town right off of the Atlantic. Its famous for whaling and because of that it has an awesome whaling museum to capture that rich history that has formed the town into what it is today. The museum is open daily from 9-5 in the summer months of May through September and then open from 9-4 during the months of October – April. Admission is $14 for adults, $12 for seniors, $9 for Students, and kids are just $6. While in the museum you will be able to experience many great exhibits but I’m sure that one will take the cake over all the others. The Lagoda is a ship built inside the Bourne building. Its construction was started in 1915 and was finished in 1916. Its also a model and is the largest model ever made. Its to half scale so its exactly half the size of the original ship. Its 89 feet long and guests are able to climb aboard and see what life may have been like on one of these beautiful ships. The Lagoda is just a beautiful site and the boat alone is well worth the $14 admission price. The museum doesn’t stop with the Lagoda though it keeps on going and going. The next largest piece in the museum happens to be a skeleton. A rare and priceless piece it’s the skeleton of a juvenile Blue Whale. This skeleton is 66 foot long and that might see big but these blue whales just keep growing and are the largest animals on the planet. The animal was accidently stuck by a tanker in 1998 and brought ashore so that he wasn’t killed in vain. The process of curing the skelton was long and tedious as the skull and lower jaw of the beast was 18 feel long and weighted 1 and a half tons. The New Bedford Whaling Museum is a special museum and is well worth the stop.

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What to explore in New Bedford

Buttonwood Park ZooAnimals are a large part of our world. We as humans are not the only ones here and we couldn’t survive/wouldn’t be here without animals. Zoo’s help educate us on these animals and let us see them up and close. In New Bedford the Buttonwood Park Zoo continues that tradition to teach visitors. Besides having some great animals to see the Zoo has a few attractions that guests and especially kids will enjoy. They have a working trail that take guests throughout the park. The train is just $2 a person and the is great for getting to know your way around the park as the driving is knows the park well and knows interesting facts about the animals. There is also a classic Carousel that you can jump on and ride around in circle it is $2 as well but all procedures from the rides go straight into an education fund that helps to teach families about the animals that they encounter day in and out. The Buttonwood Park Zoo has an impressive collection of animals the most popular collection of animals which the zoo houses is mammals they have everything from goats to bears. There is Also a collection of reptiles like the Northern Diamond Back Terrapin. Now this isn’t like the diamond back rattlesnake but is actually a turtle, with a diamond pattern. The zoo is a great place to get the family out and have an exciting adventure. This zoo also has special 21 and up nights where there is bbq and bands. Check their website for details.