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New Britan Museum of American Art Art is a beautiful thing it teaches and expires youth and adults alike to think and imagine new things. Art can be found in an array of places but one of the most common is the Art museum. Museums are tasked with one thing to preserve history. An art museum preservers the history of art and its artwork. In New Britain the MNBMAA or Ne Britain Museum of American Art is doing a great job at preserving old and new artwork alike. The MNBMAA is one of the largest art museums in the area and has a large collection of art from well-known artists and is always creating new art. The MNBMAA is also creating new types of art a piece that is currently in progress is Particular Heights 2.0. This exhibit is out front in the lawn and consists of a swing LED counter and a web cam. When someone gets on the swing and gets to a certain height the webcam takes a picture and the counter… counts. The pictures are then saved and will be used to create a stop motion artwork. MNBMAA is a leader in creating new artwork and is constantly decorating its walls with creating new designs. There is an array of art slots that rotated every 2-5 years. One extremely unique piece of art is on the stairs leading to the second floor and is created by Lisa Hoke. Lisa specializes in creating art from “found materials” and the exhibit is being created from painted plastic cubs and vintage paper cups glue in a array to give it a landscape type look. The MNBMAA is a museum that’s well worth a stop, check out the café for a quick lunch that’s original and organic.

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What to explore in New Britain

East Side Restaurant East Side Restaurant in New Britain, Connecticut is a Gem. This Bavarian based restaurant has been operated in the same building for over 70 years since the early 1900’s. East side Restaurant has a friendly staff that is dedicated to providing great traditional German food in a cozy atmosphere. The building is beautiful and is considered to be a city landmark by many. Once inside the building has dark leather booths that create a private alcove for guests. It only stays private for so long because the accordion player is bound to come by your booth and serenade your table with a traditional German song. East Side Restaurant strives to be traditional and in Germany you never go hungry. At East Side you won’t go hungry either. Each and every dish is filled to the rim and packed high with tasty savory goodness. Enjoy a giant Roast Lon of Port served with Sauerkraut and applesauce or the Jager Schnitzel. The food is great but at every German Pub we know that the beer is the real focus. In 2009 East Side expanded and added a new beer system. The system is start of the art and delivers beer to the glass at a perfect 32 degrees. Another favorite part of the par is the ICY shot, the Icy shot pours liquor out at a chilly 5 degrees! East Side is a little on the expensive side for the food but as i said it will fill you up and possibly have enough left over for 3 meals. Expect to pay 25-30 bucks for a meal and just 3-5 for beer.