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newportNewport News had always stood as a Port of Embarkation for the American military during World War I. And when the war was over almost half a million soldiers came to shore welcoming back their home land right here at this port. It was desired to build a large archway for the soldiers to see as they came sailing home to welcome them back to America and stand as an archway to Victory. The original idea was to build a large arch mimicking the ones they would have seen elsewhere on their journeys fighting war however the soldiers where literally flooding the gates coming home and it was realized that there would not be enough time to build this arch and a temporary arch was built. Funding was almost immediately found for the arch and a hollow structure was put up of wood and brick covered in stucco. Thousands came to volunteer in an amazing sign of patriotism to erect this monument. In 1919 the arch was completed and when the troops returned to American soil they were met with a large crowd and a victory arch. Almost as soon as the first arch was finished they wanted a new “permanent” arch to be put up in its place. Although many tried to find funding for years it was unsuccessful. Complaints rolled in that the money to put up the other arch could be well used on a park, civic center, school, or hospital would prove to be more functional and useful to the city's citizens. Although complaints were made funding was eventually found and in 1962 the new stone arch was completed. On Memorial Day following the erection of the stone arch an eternal flame was added to the arch and standing at fourteen feet high the eternal flame still stands today to remind Newport News of the victory that is America.

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A few more things in Newport News

newportlivingWhile you are in Newport News it would be a shame for you to miss out on the Virginia Living Museum. For starters the museum is home to over 250 plant and animal species that are native to Virginia so that you can take time and learn about the native species while you are in town. Next head over to learn about a few species that aren’t around anymore in the Dinosaurs exhibit. These large robotic replicas will have you amazed as you enjoy time spent will these glorified giants. To learn more about Virginia head into the indoor exhibits and learn more about the different regions of Virginia. The inviting interactive exhibits let you delve deeper into  areas such as the Coastal Plain, Piedmont and Mountains, Cypress Swamp, Mountain Cove, Virginia Underground and After Dark . Also inside you will have the opportunity to visit the planets as you travel galaxies in the Abbitt Planetarium.  Just outside the museum you will find the elevated boardwalk that takes you to the outdoor exhibits and gardens. See birds in their natural habitats and explore the butterfly and conservation gardens in the living green house. While you are here for added adventure you can check out the feeding schedules and take tours such as Behind the Scenes, Walk with the Keeper, and Endangered Encounter. Fun awaits you in Newport News.