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New Rochelle IMAX It seems like every town that I go to in the great state of New York always starts with New. Take New Rochelle for example, that could be from the fact that these towns were named after European cities. They were founded soon after Europeans made the trip across the Atlantic and they wanted to have a piece of home. Today the city of New Rochelle has lots to offer to locals and visitors alike. There are many fun things for families of any ages or sizes. One of the more popular places to go is to the Downtown region. There is a large mix of both dining and entertainment establishments. Perhaps one of my favorite things to do is enjoy the glow in the dark bowling. Yes, you heard me right bowling that is glow in the dark. Everything from the lines on the hard wood floor to the white pins glow with that cool purple light, other fun things are to hit up the pool hall, take a spin on one of the many go-kart tracks, or even see a movie in IMAX. If your saying “IMAX? What is that?” Then this is something that you have to go. IMAX is end all of movies. It has biggest screens that you can imagine some break the 3 story mark, most theaters even have over 3 thousand watts running through the audio system and it’s a movie you can really feel in your seats. Don’t cheap out and see a movie on the standard screen enjoy an IMAX in New Rochelle.

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What to eat in New Rochelle

Cholo's Kitchen When you are a chef and came from America from the far reaches of a faraway country there is only a few things you can do with your life and still feel good about it. One of those is open a restaurant and serve up the best food you can. There are many who have done this across the United States and one of them is right in the middle of New Rochelle. Cholo’s Kitchen is a bright inviting restaurant that serves up the best Peruvian food you can get in New York or anywhere in the North East in my opinion. The Owners and chef’s Gino and Duane came from a little town of Tumbes, Peru. You have most likely never heard of it and that is because it the type of place that most people only see in movies. You can walk out of your front door pick a mango or coconut for breakfast then jump right into a crystal blue ocean. Before moving to New York Gino owned a beach front restaurant and served up food that even the locals would came back to time and time again. Gino has taken what he learned from this like in Peru and today is using that to provide the best food he can to his guests. Serving food one dish at a time and making people love the food of his nation.