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Things to do in Norfolk

norfolkWhile you are in Norfolk there are quite a few interesting places to visit but topping off are chart is the Nauticus Museum. Start off your exploration in the Might Seaport where you can get your formal introduction to maritime commerce. Walk through the exhibit and learn about what is shipped from in and out of Virginia. Then navigate a tugboat down the waterway and receive information of the ships sailing past you. Look out over the water and catch a glimpse of giant cranes, tugs, sailboats and cargo ships traveling by. Next take time to learn about the Jamestown Exposition and the Launching of the Steel Navy and figure out the beginnings of America’s water travels. You can take time to watch the 26 minute film that shows the importance of the Jamestown Exposition and it’s how these influences affect us today. As you enter the next station, Secrets of the Deep, you can learn about NOAA's underwater parks, called National Marine Sanctuaries, and explore the highly publicized USS Monitor site. You will even have a chance to step inside a submersible and take the controls as you play pilot and figure out just how hard it really is to get a sample from a wreck site. At the SOS station you can see “Science On a Sphere” and look at the Earth suspended in orbit as the satellites do. Here you can touch a tornado, start lighting, and analyze weather conditions and put yourself in the position of a NOAA Scientist. As you continue to figure out your role as a NOAA team member you can head to the Tsunami exhibit and see the devastating effects these natural monsters can have. Kids love the touch tank of the Horseshoe Crab Cover as they enjoy this simulated tidepool they will love learning about the creatures that inhabit them. Next head over to the Shark Experience and see the Brownbanded Bamboo Sharks, Whitespotted Bamboo Sharks, Coral Catsharks, Epaulette Sharks and a Shovelnose Guitarfish. The Living Seashoe will let you learn about the plants and animals that inhabit Chesapeake Bay. There is more going on here than you suspected and prepared to be mesmerized by the wonders of the sea.

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A few more things in Norfolk

norfolkshipWhile you are already in the area you should stop and see the Battleship Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy and you will have the chance to tour it right here in Norfolk. Chose between going on a self guided tour through the majestic ship or take the opportunity to go on the Topside Tour and experience what it was like to be on this ship during WWII. By the end of your tour you will know exactly why this was a 5 star ship during its golden years. Travel up to deck two and enjoy the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. This museum offers a collection of everything Wisconsin. See the original uniforms, the weapons used during battle and even the artifacts the ship discovered in its prime.  Get inside everyday navy life here aboard the Battleship Wisconsin. A lot is waiting for you in Norfolk all that is missing is you!