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Sam Noble Museum   Oklahoma is a a beautiful place however when it gets hot outside you will want to find a place to cool off, and the Sam Noble Museum. The Museum is part of The University of Oklahoma and and exhibits that can't be found any where else. One special exhibit that is coming in June of 1020 is going to be named Chinasaurs. It is going to be on... yes you guess it Dinosaurs that were discovered in China. These dinosaurs range from the huge Yangchuanosaurus to the smaller but furious Velociraptor that is see on the big screen so often. The Sam Noble Museum has its own permanent dinosaur exhibit. The exhibit named as The Hall of Ancient Life this exhibit much like the one from China focuses on dinosaurs but focus on the historic animals that lived in the Oklahoma area. The center piece for this exhibit is named "The Clash of the Titans" and features two mammoth animals. Namely the Apatosaurus and Saurophaganax Maximus. The Brontosaurus is the worlds largest predetar in the historic age and the Saurophaganax Maximus is a dinosaur is unique to the Oklahoma area. The Sam Noble Museum has a wide range of exhibits outside of of just dinosaurs. One gallery that stole my eye was called the Orientation Gallery. This exciting and unique exhibit explains to visitors what the museum does and why they do it. It is an interactive exhibit that answers a few simple but profound questions. Admission to the museum is cheap at $5 for adults and $4 for seniors. Children ages 6-17 get in for only $3.


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What to explore in Norman

Andy Alligator's Fun park   If you are looking for more of a mindless day of fun then while you are in Normal make sure you check out Andy Alligator's Fun park. Andy's Fun park is a local park that has lots of cool things to do. Admission to the park is free as it a pay to ride facility. Andy's is especially popular because of its large speed way Go-Kart track. At $6 a ride and a buck for a passenger you can have endless fun speeding around in a small kart. Andy's has 9 other attractions to choose from, such as bumper cars and the giant climbing Rock. Don't forget about the Bayou Blaster Bumper Boats and be ware that you will get wet. If you want to swing a club or bat Andy's can still give you that with batting cages gator golf and even a mini bowling ally. Andy's is great for the whole family and good for a hour or all day. Recently Andy noticed that it gets hot outside during the summer and needed to cool off. He went ahead and fixed this by setting up the Andy Alligator Water park to keep cool. Andy's water park has a low rate and guest over 42" can get in for only $18.95 kids under 42" can get in for 3 dollars cheaper at $15.95. Andy's water park is brand new and was just opened at the beginning of May 2012, don't be shy stop on by and enjoy the water during these hot summer days.