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Gustav's Pub When I hear German Pub I think fried food not so good food and strong beer. That however is not always true and expecially when it comes to Gustav’s Bier Stube in Clackamas Oregon. This German pub is like no other it brings authentic German cuisine halfway around the world to share the rich flavors to unexpected guests. The food style of Gustav’s is considered to be Authentic German, European, and North west food. The style definantly shines through because you won’t find an item on their menu that love and passion hasn’t been poured into. The dishes that come out of the kitchen are not fried mozzarella sticks and beer in a hot mug. It’s the opposite Gustav’s has a huge selection of imported and local beers on tap that are available in half liter, stein, pitcher and growlers to take home. There is realy only one way to enjoy all the beers they have to offer and that is to become a regular and come back weekly however for the traveler they offer a beef sampler. The sampler is 4 beers of your choice and they come in small 4 oz glasses. The food is also unique and you can’t possible enjoy it all in one setting. The sausages are a must as they are made in house. My personal favorite was desert I got the Apple straddle and I would recommend it to anyone and eat it every night if I could it was the best I have ever had. Gustav’s is a great German pub and a place you can come back to time and time again.

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Claim Jumper Have you even been to a restaurant and they have nothing that you want? I have, and let me tell you its not an exciting night. At Claim Jumper in Clackamas that isn’t going to be a problem, they have a extensive menu that ranges from hamburgers, pizza, all the way to claims of course. Claim Jumper is a medium sized chain in the California Oregon area with 37 restaurants. The first location was opened in 1977 and they chain has been growing since they offer a family friendly restaurant that’s environment is suitable for just about any occasion. Claim Jumper is open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner. The décor is rich and feels like a upscale cabin or ski lodge, there is lots of huge Duglus Fir logs, Natural rocks, and even presed or corrugated tin. The building is a place that kids of all ages will love. It will keep there heads spinning trying to take it all in. The food is just as awesome as the food is. There is a full menu from appetizers to steaks. Some of the favorite apps are Soft Pretzel sticks and Range Rattlers which are Jump Jalapenos stuffed with whole shrimp jack cheese and friend. Dishes like the Range Rattlers are what Claim Jumpers such a successful restaurant. Its a great place to eat and get good food for lunch or dinner.