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stoneLocated in Ector County the city of Odessa was formed at the same time the county was. The city of Odessa was already known and frequently traveled to. Odessa was founded in 1881 it had unique beginnings as it functioned as a water stop for cattle and also a shipping point for these cattle over the railway. Like many of the cities in Texas, Odessa got big when oil was discovered hidden within the depths of the soil. Many visitors and travels came to Odessa for jobs and investment opportunities in the oil field. From 1925-1930 the population of Odessa rose from 750 t0 10,000. With a booming economy and a large influx of cash the city of Odessa recently looked for new ways to draw in visitors. Because Interstate 20 travels through Odessa it made sense that a large attraction visible from the road would draw people into the town. In 2004 Odessa built a large Stonehenge replica on the campus of the University of Texas. While the original Stonehenge took two thousand years to complete this replica took only six weeks. Each stones weigh more than twenty thousand pounds and is composed of limestone slabs donated from the local Texas Limestone Quarry. These stones were not moved with the old physical man labor but rather moved with tractors-trailers and lifted with cranes and placed into place. About twenty stones similar in size, shape and appearance to the original now stand in Texas. Okay so the original may be 22 feet tall and these are 19 feet high but the statue is still impressive and worth the visit if getting to England to see them might not happen. Texas Stonehenge is more of a visitor attraction than a way to mark the summer and winter solstice and is also free. Get in touch with history and stop by Stonehenge in Texas.

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A few more things in Odessa

craterWhile in Odessa you should stop by the Odessa Meteor Crater. This crater sight is the result of a collection of meteors that broke through the Earth’s barrier and slammed into Texas 20,000 to 50,000 years ago. About 1500 meteorites have been found in the surrounding area over the last few years. Of these excavated meteors one was recovered that was over 300 pounds and many can be found in the surrounding museums. One of these meteors is on display just outside the Odessa Meteor Crater site. Also on site is a public diagram explaining the crash and a distribution map of the fragments recovered from the area. A National Natural Landmark the crater is 168 meters in diameter and was originally 100 feet deep. Over time infilling from the surrounding plains has filled most of the crater naturally and today it is only 15 feet deep. Regardless of current conditions the site is still the second largest in the nation and offers an information area, nature trail, self-guided tour, and an opportunity to see firsthand an uncommon impact site. Much awaits you in Odessa.