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Oklahoma City Thunder   Just when you think they are out and everything is over they come back. This year the Oklahoma City Thunder has proven that they never stop fighting. In two recent games they have been down by numerous points and came back. In a recent conference game against the Los Angeles Lakers the Thunder was down by 7 points with just two minutes left in the game. They came back with a series of defensive plays that allowed to them score 9 points in 2 minute and end the game with a victory at 77-75 in favor of the Thunder. This isn't the only time that the Thunder came from behind, in the first conference game against Dallas the Thunder was down with 2 and half minutes left and they came back to win the game. The Oklahoma City Thunder is a team that might not dominate the entire game but when it counts in the last two minutes they never give up. Kevin Durant was the player of the game for these game and for good reason. In the recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers Durant scored 22 points keeping Oklahoma City in the game till the end when they could finally over come the Lakers. Durant also had the game winning steal. At the beginning of the two minute mark Kobe had the ball and Kevin Durant get in and made a good steal which resulted in the turn around. During the final two minutes the Lakers forfeited two other turnovers as well as two failed shots which the Thunder was able to rebound and return for points that won the game. If visiting Oklahoma City be sure to check in and see if a game is going to be home while you are there. The Thunder is a team that you have to see playing on their home court. The Energy and zeal which they play is entertaining and impressive.


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What to explore in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City memorial and Museum   If your are not a sports fan do not worry Oklahoma City has a lot to offer off of the court. Oklahoma City has the National Memorial and Museum. This site is the memorial to one of the largest terrorist attacks on American soil. On the morning of April 1, 1995 the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed and lives were changed and lost. Today this memorial is in place to teach the young of what happened and to give those who witnessed it hope to live on. The memorial is set in 10 different chapters, starting with a background on terrorism then walking threw the day of the bombing and weeks to years that followed. As visitors walk through the chapters they will learn about the original building that was bombed, they will hear the only known recording of the blast, from there visitors will walk in a series of rooms that depict the confusion and chaos that would have experience in the moments following the blast. After the blast the Museum teaches about the rescue and recovery of individuals in the ruble. The Oklahoma City National memorial and Museum offers a special experience for visitors. The inside is the Museum however outside on the side which the building stood is the true memorial. Designed by Butzer Design Partnership the memorial is comprised of pieces of art to remind us of the lives that were lost on April 1, 1995. This art work will be remembered forever as it changes everyone who looks upon it. The Gates of Time remind us of the morning which it happened, The reflecting pond, survivor wall, rescuer's orchard, Children's area, the Fence, and finally the Field of Empty Chairs. Perhaps the most memorable site at the memorial is a field with 168 chairs representing the lives that were lost during the attack. Each chair bears a name and will forever give a place for their families and friends to come and reflect on their lose. The Oklahoma City memorial and Museum is a beautiful site to come and visit, any amount of time spend within its wall will not be wasted.