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Cooper's Hawk Restaurant & Winery There are many things said about wine. Things like that a cup a night will help you sleep, it will keep you health, and that red wine is healthier then white wine. I can’t tell you any of those are true or false but I can tell you where to pick up some great food in wine while in Orland Park Illinois. In 2005 a group of people from Cooper’s Hawk decided that they wanted to help people pair great food with their exceptionally flavored wines. To do this they created a restaurant and built it right into their winery. The Restaurant has a single goal of providing great tasting food that highlights the flavors of a selected wine. The idea is simple and great and Cooper’s Hawk has executed it to the dime. Each and everyone of their dishes can be paired with a wine. The pairing will pull the flavors out of the dishes and the wines making both the food and wine better. With the addition of the restaurant Cooper’s Hawk took the time to add a Napa style wine tasting room. Here guests need no reservation but can must walk in and taste 7-8 different types of wines. They are all open to purchase and there is a large selection of wine related items in the gift shop to buy. Cooper’s Hawk is one of the premiere restaurants in the Orland Park area and well worth a trip for the great meal and wine.

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Buca di BEPPO Small chain restaurants are sometime my favorite places to eat. This is because they are big enough to have low prices but not too large that local supplies can’t support their food needs. Orland Park is home to a chain the Buca di BEPPO. This once single neighbors restaurant has grown to be a chain of 86 restaurants. Finding inspiration in tradition Italian dishes Buca serves family styles dishes that should be shared. Get delicious classics like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, chicken parm, and much more. It’s a great selection of dishes that I can honestly say tastes just how momma made it. Well in actually it wasn’t how my momma made it but some traditional Italian family mother. The antipasti appetizers are my favorite. The shrimp Fonduta is to die for the I’m pretty sure that each restaurant makes their own mozzarella cheese in the back because the Fried Mozzarella was stringy and tasty. Salads were good and crisp but I also fell in love with the pizzas. These aren’t cooked pike a pizza hut pizza with a pepperoni here and there but instead is covered with toppings. Each and every bit is a burst of flavor in your mouth. The best part is the dough is made fresh. Buca is second to none when it comes to pleasing families, bring yours in and enjoy sharing your meals like the Italians do.