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Shell Island

Panama City Discount Car Rentals Shell Island Shell Island, Florida sits opposite the St. Andrew's State Recreational Area and can be accessed only by boat, or ferry, running seven and a half miles of completely uninhabited spaces without people or the signs of them anywhere; and has become a magnificent place for snorkelers, surfers and scuba divers with the most pristine dunes and grasses on the coast of Florida. This barrier island is filled with beautifully colored birds and shells, with some rare ecological treasures that are sure to interest and impress your family that you might want to come for many more visits. It is a marvelous place to fish, camp, hike, boat, bicycle bird watch and more; along with the other interests and activities mentioned above. You will find many opportunities to swim with the dolphins or even feed wild birds; with some of the best surfing you'll find on the gulf coast, especially in the Panama City region. The Shell Island Shuttle leaves the St. Andrew's boat ramp every half hour with many offering excellent snorkeling areas and excursion packages for folks of all ages. This area has over fifty exciting wrecks you can look for and search, exploring one or many depending on you. One of the most famous, and perhaps richest of all these is the Empire Mica, a historical and infamous 465 footer that had been torpedoed in WWII that has become a favorite with the local divers. Other exciting events include the Ironman Florida triathlon, and of course, spring break. The nightlife that you might want has to be had in Panama City, since nothing is on the island, except for those that try sneaking over there for late night parties, which are both illegal and dangerous in the nighttime; however, you can camp at the island's Grand Lagoon, where a boat ramp is located, as well as a fishing pier, grilling area, restrooms and picnic areas. When you arrive in the city, or are coming here from another region, try using Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the best deals in the region, and the most economical way to travel in the state, since there is currently a lack of public transit. Enterprise has many excellent prices and other deals that will SAVE you some big money.

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Museum of Man in the Sea

Panama City Man in the Sea MuseumBetter known in these parts as the Man in the Sea Museum, this fantastic museum documents and displays the many relics and materials pertaining to the history and heritage of diving. Using dioramas, written records and documents, as well as interpretive drawings, the museum attempt to illustrate the early days of working underwater, with a fabulous collection of rare and not-so-rare diving equipment that showcases man's developments to live and work under the waters of this earth, including the famous SEALAB-1, that had been used by the US Navy. This unique museum is located in Panama City, Florida and explores the development of underwater works and explorations, along with the unique equipment that would be created for such adventures and explorations of the last real unknown and unexplored regions of our earth. For more than three decades, the museum has collected, preserved and showcased equipment used in or related to the underwater adventures that includes SEALAB, recreational diving equipment exhibit from 1950 to 1990, the USN's Deep Dive system Mark 1 DDS-MK1 experimental dive system from 1968, commercial diving equipment that includes the new special re-breather system. Also included is the underwater training modules like the early submarines, the A. Seibe Denmark St. London early water flow pump, the armored suit of 1913 that would be used for deep diving down to 400 feet and also for exploring shipwrecks, the Mark V diving suit rig almost completely unchanged since it was first used in 1868 and other assorted masks and helmets that have been used for underwater diving and exploration. And perhaps some of the most unique diving modules and pods ever designed for underwater use, having been called the PTC or personal transfer capsule. And the best way to visit the sight and other excellent attractions in the area is to rent a great vehicle from Enterprise, one of the best rental car companies in the world, with numerous locations around Panama City where you can rent just about any type of vehicle that you might want. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has more choices, deals and extravaganzas waiting for you to stop by and take advantage of.