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paradeThere is a popular list know as “50 Things To Do Before You Die,” one of the things on this list is located right here is Pasadena, Texas. Annually on New Year’s Eve millions of people camp out on the streets and await the most treasured New Year’s Parades of Texas. The Tournament of Roses Parade began back in 1890 by a Pasadena social club. The inspiration for the parade began when Professor Charles F. Holder said, "In New York, people are buried in snow. Here our flowers are blooming and our oranges are about to bear. Let's hold a festival to tell the world about our paradise." The parade is a breathtaking event where hundreds of parade floats are elaborately decorated. Every square inch of the floats must be covered with natural materials such as flowers, leaves, seeds, and bark. As most towns are sitting around their fireplaces enjoying a full belly after Christmas the people of Pasadena rush to the floats using every possible moment to attach the flowers to the floats. On average each float gets adorned with about 100,000 flowers and some are so perishable that they must be saved until the last moments and placed on the floats into small individual vials of water. The day of New Years the parades and floats travel only a stretch of 5 miles which takes them almost 3 hours and over one million viewers wave them on.  A beautiful parade honoring the fruitful labors of the crops of Pasadena that would be a great reason to plan a stop into Pasadena.

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A few more things in Pasadena

bowlAdded in 1902 to the town of Pasadena to help Fund the Tournament of Roses Parade was the Rose Bowl football game. The game is played on January 1st so that the parade is an opener to the football game.  The game was originally called the Tournament East-West football game and the first ever game was Michigan versus Stanford. Michigan had dominated the season and represented the East while a struggling Stanford the West. The game went horribly and with a score of 49-0 in the third quarter Stanford quit. The game was so lopsided that for the next 15 years, the Tournament of Roses officials ran chariot races, ostrich races, and other various events instead of football. Football took to the town again but this time with a different name as to not dabble in the past bad luck. The game has since been a huge hit and draws millions of viewers and thousands of visitors every year. The success of the football games has help funded bigger and better floats and it seems as if each year is only more special than the next. The Rose Bowl is so popular that it has been nicknamed “The Grandaddy of Them All,” because of its rich old heritage making it the oldest bowl game. For a truly American New Year’s celebration come to Pasadena.