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lambertcastleWho doesn’t enjoy a rag to riches story? One of the many people who migrated from England to the United States in the 1800s was Catholina Lambert. Lambert and his brother were born to hard working parents who worked for everything they had. Lambert’s parents wanted more for their children and when Lambert was 17 they sent him and his brother to the U.S. for better opportunities. Settling in Boston Lambert picked up work right away as a bookkeeper. When one partner of the firm stepped down Lambert stepped up and the firm became known as Dexter-Lambert. With this new change the two decided to change the location of their firm to Paterson and within a few years Dexter-Lambert was a world-class silk manufacturer. Lambert suddenly found himself swimming in riches and decided it was time that his property showed it. Lambert broke ground immediately on a grand new home he called “Belle Vista” which was constructed of sandstone quarried from the local Garret Mountain. After one year and almost half a million dollars Belle Vista was complete. A grand house the home offered a three-story open atrium called the court where Lambert could display his prized collection of paintings from artist like Rembrandt, Renior, Courbet, Monet, and Balkelock. Unfortunately like many rags to riches stories this one does not have a happy ending. About 25 years after the house was complete Lambert faced financial problems and had to mortgage his estate and paintings. Ten years later Lambert passed away and his son unable to pay the mortgage payments sold the Castle to the city for $125,000. Today this grand home still stands and has been fully restored and added to the national register of historic places.  The home is open for visitation and awaits you to walk its grand halls.

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A few more things in Passaic

greatfallsThe area surrounding Passaic has always been known as an industrial powerhouse building up factories and manufacturers of almost anything for as long as the technology has been there. As a way to lessen cost and bring in even more money the factories started coming together to use the Great Falls as a way to harness power to run these factories at no cost. A raceway system, steam and hydroelectric power plant was built and for many years helped to run these factories at a reduced cost. These falls are part of the reason that Lambert moved his factory and became so successful. The old mills and historic buildings had been restores and are used today as offices, living, and schools. Now protected under historic rights act the Great Falls State Park is open for visitation. Come see the historic interpretations, guided walks, and overview of the town at the time that is was built. Not on a breathtaking site but a learning experience the Great Falls makes for a great stop while you are in town.