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Slater Mill Pawtucket is a beautiful city with lots of rich history. A piece of that history is being preserved by the people at the Slater Mill Museum. Slater Mill is a significant piece of not only Pawtucket history but US history as well. Slater Mill was the first success factory in the US. It was first a small mill that was 43 feet by 29 feet, and was dedicated to making cotton thread. It was constructed way back in 1793 and over the last two centaury’s it has changed hands many times and each time the factory was reworked to suit the owners needs. Over the years it has produced Jeweler’s tools, bicycles, cardboard, and even coffin trimmings. Today the mill is a museum and is a beautiful experience for anyone willing to stop by. The hours of operation vary based on the time of the year so check out their website or give them a call before stopping by. There is many exciting things to see and one of my favorite is the Wilkinson Mill Machine shop. It’s a wonder exhibit of how a machine should would have been ran 50 to 100 years ago. The most interesting part to me was how most of the machines were ran off a single motor. There were large belts on the ceiling that allowed a single motor to operate many machines at once.

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What to eat in Pawtucket

LJ's BBQ When looking for a good BBQ there is one sure sign that you are in the right place and that is table cloths. If they are checkered black and white or red and white then you can be sure that you are going to be getting some good food. Its just something about those table cloths. While perhaps that is a somewhat closed minded way to judge BBQ it proved true to me, while traveling in Rhode Island I came across LJ’s BBQ. The first sign was there that I was going to get good food and that was the table cloths. The second sign was the smell coming from the kitchen, and the third sign was well… a sign that said “good cooking.” These 3 signs did not let me down as this was the best BBQ I have had in a long time. The menu was simple and straight forward there was BBQ platters, combination platters, chicken platters, and even meat only options. When you pair the meat with a delicious side of slaw, BBQ beans, or Roasted garlic Mashed Potatoes your night can’t get better. The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly.