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Peabody Historical Society There are many historic towns that are preserved today and Peabody is one of them. The Peabody Historical Society has worked hard to keep a collection of historic houses and building alive so the generations to come can see the craftsmanship and history in the buildings. For instant the house that now plays host to the society’s headquarters is declared a national Historic landmark and was home to a hero General Gideon Foster who was in the Revolutionary war. The home was built in 1810 and many families lived in from then until 1916 when the Peabody historical society bought it up and called it home. The society has been in this building for nearly 100 years which is impressive for any society and it is filled with many great artifacts from the previous time periods. One of the most interesting building is the Peabody Leatherworkers Museum. This museum is great and exhibits how Peabody is the “Leather Capital of the World” The museum houses many great paintings that depict how leathing working is done. The building is also filled with many cool and large machines that were used to work the leather and condition them for being made into shoes, jackets, or any other number of things. Peabody is a rich town with lots of history that is being preserved by the Peabody Historical Society.

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