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Seminole Okalee Indian Village

Pembroke Pines Seminole Okalee Indian Village The original Florida natives can be viewed and learned about at the Seminole Okalee Indian Village in Pembroke Pines, Florida, where you will enjoy watching such outrageous activities as gator wrestling in deep water that also showcase snakes, crocodiles, birds of prey and big cats, a wildlife show every Saturday night at 8 PM, an opportunity to get as close as possible to a Florida panther, river otter, black bears and macaws, and the magnificent chance to visit a real Indian village, that highlights the best possible parts of living in the wild as a native, that includes cooking, living, dollmaking and woodworking among others, with guided of self-guided tours. You can always visit the gift shop for more outstanding home made items and refreshments, all the while enjoying learning more about the state's earliest residents. The Seminole tribe can trace its history back 12,000 years, and shows visitors how they lived, worked, fished, hunted and survived the arrival of the white man. During the early years of the United States, its government would carry out a policy of displacement and extermination against all the tribes of the East Coast, systematically taking them out of the paths of white settlements, until 1821, when the territory of Florida was still held by the Spanish, and also coveted by its neighbors in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. The American government began a covert operation to get the territory, much like the CIA does today in various foreign countries, although the natives wanted to keep their lands since they had been here for the entire 12,000 years. Osceola and Abiaka would begin organizing the natives in the state to stop this takeover. By 1842, the nation's President, John Tyler ordered an end to the military operations in the region, against the Seminoles, after losing 1500 men and spending more than $20 million dollars, without ever having gotten close to a treaty being signed. Their history and the eventual takeover by the US government is available at the village, with other interesting and exciting information that will help you understand their plight and those of the other natives in our country, and the necessary changes that would bring them in line with the outcome that the government wanted. Come to the village to learn more about these fierce hardy natives, living in the swamps and glades of the state, continuing on with their unique ways, and learning more about the white man thanks to the unusual changes that would catapult these natives into one of the richest tribes in the east coast area, thanks to the casinos. The most economical and enjoyable way to visit the village is to rent a vehicle from the local Enterprise office, that has every type of vehicle available for your traveling needs, from an economical sub compact to a spacious 4 wheel drive monster truck.

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Hammerstein Historical House

Pembroke Pines Hammerstein Historical HouseThe Hammerstein House in Hollywood, Florida is also well known as the Rust House, which would be added to the National Register of Historical Places in 2005. It was designed by the famous Hollywood architect, Bayard Lukens in 1935 for Vera and Clarence Hammerstein, in the tropical modern style using variegated roofing tiles and a smooth curving wall at the entrance. The house's white stucco walls are offset by the horizontal trim work in other colors that change on the whims of the owners, with magnificent interior moldings, trim over and around the doors, the expansive use of Cuban and Spanish tiles on the floors and the fireplace heatolators that had decorative vents along the sides of the fireplace where the fans would be turned on to circulate the fire's warmth. WWI pilot Hammerstein and his new wife, Vera Rust, who had lived in Indiana, would move to the warmer climates of Florida in 1925, joining friends, Jane and Floyd Wray in the then boomtown of Hollywood; but since they couldn't find any place to stay, they went dow to Miami, settling by a citrus grove that Vera would tend while Ham, commuted to Hollywood to sell real estate for the Hollywood Land and Water Company. The couple would move to the new town in 1928, living with Vera's folks in the Fountain Court Apartments. Once the 1926 hurricane arrived and flooded many areas, real estate in the region seemed to cool off, so Ham decided to start another business that would make a lasting mark on the new settlement. With assistance from the Wrays and Frank Stirling, a citrus grower from Davie, the couple would found the Flamingo Groves in 1927, with Floyd Wray as president, Stirling as the vp and groves manager and Ham the vp in charge of advertising and sales, with Jane Wray as the secretary. These groves are still in operation today as the Flamingo Gardens. It is a lovely house to visit and learn more about the early days of the area, the lifestyles and the many people that helped shape this region originally. You can visit the homestead by going to the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car store and rent one of their great modern vehicles that will save you money and time over the long run. Enterprise has one of the best reputations in Florida for helping customers with their traveling needs.