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Sky Zone Ever wonder what it would feel like to dunk on a basketball hoop? I know I have but I’ve never been able to because I have as much ups as a 5 year old. Well at SkyZoneSports you will have a chance to make that dunk. At skyzone there is a basketball court so unique that it was given a United States Patent. The court is made up of trampolines but that’s not even the cool part the walls are to! Sky Zone is the only place that I’ve been that that I can jump off of the walls and get air. Its just an amazing experience to play basketball on a completely bouncy surface, another big difference is dribbling the trampoline makes it completely different. SkyZone has more than just basketball to offer this huge retired factory. Sky Zone has Dodge ball, Free Jump, Basket Ball, and even an array of games that can only be found at Sky Zone. There is also a daily specials such as the Tuesday special is dodge ball bonanza and for 11 bucks you can get 2 hours of dodge ball fun. Fridays you can get in on happy hour and between which is buy one get one for jumping time during the hours of 1 and 4 PM. Saturday is family and friends nigh and with every 3 admissions the 4th gets in free. These specials are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Skyzone offers a great one of a kind facility that is both good for having fun and exercising. I guarantee that when you walk off the court you will be worn out.

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Arizona Broadway Theatre Ever wanted to see a New York Broadway but never in New York? Well you are not alone there are plenty of people that want to see a board way are too far away. This is where Arizona Broadway Theatre comes in. Despite a long and rough start (due to delays during construction) the Arizona Broadway Theatre was opened January of 2006. The theatre since then has been filled with night after night of sell out shows. The theatre is a Broadway theatre and does many of the very same shows you might find in New York such as Annie, Nine to Five, Hello Dolly, and even Oklahoma. The staff and actors are what really stands out in Arizona they are just all so proud of their shows and the work they do. The level of dedication really shows in each and every production they put on. Shows are put on 6 days a week and are closed on Monday unless for a special even such as an upcoming production of “Remember the King” which features Elvis Presley music. Another great reason to see a show at Arizona Broadway is the Dinner. Dinner each night is at 5:30 and the show starts at 7:30 it makes for a great time to mingle with friends and new people then see a show that you all will love. Each and every night dinner is prepared fresh and the quality shows there dinner staff prides themselves with being every bit as good as a restaurant.