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Peoria Zoo Humans are just a small part of our world, we account for only 1 of the thousands and thousands of species that call our earth home. Zoos are a way there we keep those specials alive, learn about them, and help to bread endangered species. You might have a great zoo close by you but odds are its nothing special. When traveling is a great time to stop at a great zoo and see the many animals which they house and keep safe. In Illinois there is the town of Peoria and they are a leading zoo in breading animals. Recently the zoo was able to bring into this world a Giant Zambian Mole-Rat. That might not be so exciting to you but this is the first recorded birth of the species in the United States. Breeding is a big way that zoos help endangered animals to increase their numbers in a safe and healthy environment. This is great for the animals and for us because we get to bask in the magnificent animals. The Peoria Zoo is a great place to stop by and enjoy a day of relaxing and seeing exotic animals. This zoo is open daily to the public from 10 in the morning to 5 at night. Admission for adults over 13 is just $8.50 and for kids fewer than 12 its just $4.75. No matter what you want to see the Peoria zoo will have it, they keep giant tigers and lions, to small and snakes. dfsaa


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What to explore in Peoria

Wheels O' Time Musuem During my traveling through the lovely state of Illinois I ran across a little gem. While in Peoria on Woodside Drive is the Wheels O’ Time Museum. Wheels O’ Time is a little locally ran museum that has just about anything you could think of in it. The Museum’s main building was constructed in 1981 and its was started by two local car collectors. With a very simple plan they wanted to find a building to store their collectable cars. With no suitable building in Peoria they decided to build one but were lacking funding so they invited other car enthusiasts in so they could build a larger building. The idea was then to turn it into a museum which they did, and since then it has been growing with donations from local and foreign donations. Cars today are a large part of their exhibits but there is a large array of other artifacts and exhibits that are open for viewing on a daily basis. The Wheels O’ Time Museum is open from May all the way to October. Guests are invited to see the museum every week from noon to 5pm except for Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission to the Wheels O’ Time is cheap at just $6.50 for adults, and $3.50 for kids, if you have little eons under 3 don’t worry just bring them along because they are free.