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Pine Bluff Nature Center Arkansas is doing a great job in preserving the great outdoors and that is thinks to a bill that was passed in 1996 that added a sales tax of 1/8 of 1% went to wildlife and its nature centers. In the town of Pine Bluff the first nature center was built from the funding and it is a great place to take your family and learn about the many animals that call Arkansas home. Arkansas is a state built by the changing water ways and is filled with deltas. At the nature center you can see a map of the many deltas in the area and see how they effect the outcome of how land is developed and how animals call it home. At the nature center there is also a short 3 minute video that shows a birds eye view of the surrounding are so you can see the area not only from the ground but see the very same trees from high above as a crop duster flies over the area. Two of the most interesting exhibits in the Nature center are the Aquariums there are two one by the name of Oxbow and the Other Delta Rivers. The Oxbow aquarium is unique to the area because it shows how the fish and other aquatic animals live in murky, slow currents, and live off low oxygen levels. The other aquarium is more attractive and covers the area of a Delta, it shows quick faster moving water, sandy bottoms, and even the slow moving muddy bottomed area. The aquariums are a great way to find out what is living under the water you can’t sea through.

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Pine Bluff Historical Museum Stories are a way that we keep history but many years about stories were the only way to pass down tails it helps people to remember history and the order of events. However today the main way we keep history is through museums. They collect, store, and present history for all who are interested enough to step through the doors. In Pine Bluff a small group of residents have taken it upon themselves to collect and preserve the history of the county. Because of this passion for history the Pine Bluff and Jefferson County Historical Museum was opened. The Historical Museum has done a great job of preserving the history of the are and that results in some great exhibits for you to see. Admission to the historical Museum is free every time. Its open to visitors Monday through Friday 9-4 and on Saturday from 10-2, exhibits at the site change regularly so each time you come you are going to see something new. The museum opened in 1980 and at the time was comprised of one room in the courthouse. In 1991 the moved to a building on the National Register of Historic places making the museum all the more special. The Union Pacific Depot has served the Museum well for the last 20 years but as history passes the museum expands and is bursting at the seems with the cities history.