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dallasFor over 13 years Plano Texas was home to the television show Dallas. The Southfork Ranch is still located in Plano and even thought the series is over the memories remain. From the comfort of the 356 episodes that we made ourselves at home with J.R. and Miss Ellie to the Texas style hospitality everything at the Southfork ranch brings you comfort. You can shop at the “Ranch Round Up,” and find collectables and gift for the people at home that also love Dallas. Walk around “Dallas Legends” and see the exhibit that lets you re-live some of the most memorable moments from Dallas. See the gun that shot J.R., Lucy's wedding dress, video clips from the series, interviews with the stars, and other memorabilia that will make you feel like you are right back on the couch watching the episodes all over again. There are tours through the grounds where trams will take you through International Drive where the flags of the 96 countries that broadcasted Dallas. You will also be able to view Texas longhorns and American quarter horses. If you want to feel the true experience then stay for dinner. Ride the tram out to “dinner camp” and eat at the chuckwagon as cowboys entertain you with songs and experience an old west dinner.

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medtimes You can eat a normal dinner at home, this is vacation you should have something a little more entertaining than just food. Here in Orlando there are several different options when it comes to an entertaining dinner that can leave you on the edge of your seat with excitement while keeping your taste buds more than satisfied. Let yourself be taking back to the 11thcentury at the Medieval Times Dinner Show. Sit in the arena and let the bar wench take your order and serve you a feast fit for the visitors of the kingdom. Sit back and watch the tale unravel before you as you meet the King and his daughter as you eat your meal in the 11th century fashion, with your hands. You will learn the King’s tale of treachery and that they have tried to overturn the Kingdom, hear of the princess’s love for her Knight, and see the battle between the six knights for the love princess. The knights are represented by a color that corresponds the color coded seating arrangement as you watch the knight representing your color fight in the battle for love you will cheer him on to victory or consol him as he loses because there can only be one knight to win the heart of the princess. Exciting and delicious the Medieval Times Dinner Show is a winner for all families.