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Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello Pocatello is the fifth largest city in Idaho and is the home of Idaho State University. Idaho State University is the second largest university in the Idaho State. Many people visiting Pocatello also visit beautiful campus of the Idaho State University. The University is located on stunning Portsmouth River Valley, ideal for various outdoor activities including hiking, skiing and snowboarding. One of the popular attractions around the campus area is the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Founded in 1934, it is the official museum of natural history of Idaho. It preserves and studies the natural and cultural history of the State. The museum has a wide variety of collections in anthropology, earth science and life science. It also contains an archive of documents and ethnographic photographs. The Idaho Museum of Natural History has a great collection of exhibits that change periodically. Anthropology exhibits display a wide range of materials from the Snake River Plain, various archaeological materials as well as a sequence of materials excavated from Owl Cave. Earth Science exhibits include minerals, fossils, and footprints of ancient animals. Life Science exhibits include different plants and animals from the Snake River Plain. Some of animal collections are native reptiles, amphibians, fishes, flying squirrels, kangaroo rats, leopard frogs and beavers among others. Plants specimens feature habitats of southeast Idaho, high alpine including glacier lily, camas, syringa and more. This museum is a perfect place if you want to spend a few hours with the whole family since it offers something for everyone.

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A few more things in Pocatello

Pocatello Fort Hall ReplicaThere are lots of other things to do for visitors to Pocatello. Pocatello is rich history and an important stop on the first railroad in the State during the gold rush. The city was named after Chief Pocatello of the native Indian tribe, Shoshoni. He had granted the right-of-way for the railroad across the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. Visitors who love history and historical buildings go to Historic downtown Pocatello also known as Old Town Pocatello. The city’s visitor center provides the visitors with all the information including the direction and the historical landmarks. As you stroll through the historic district you will come across one of the most diverse and well-preserved urban streetscapes of the region. You will also see the Old Union Pacific Railroad Station, one of the historical landmarks still standing to testify the past glory. The discovery of gold in the State brought many settlers to the city which later led to the building of the railroad to Pocatello. As you walk down the street you will also come across Standrod Mansion. Built in 1902, it is a two-story house, one of only a handful of Idaho homes designed in the Chateauesque style. The commercial section of the historic district has restaurants, antiques stores, art galleries and shopping center. Pocatello Zoo also draws many visitors to the city. You can take your children to the Pocatello Zoo to spend couple hours with your family while having some fun. The zoo sits on 23-acre Ross Park. The zoo features over one hundred animals including 40 species. It is a relatively small zoo but has a good collection of animals native to the Intermountain West including a monkey and a raccoon. Opened in 1932, it is one of two zoos in the United States specializing in animals native to the Intermountain West. Another popular attraction in Pocatello is Fort Hall Replica. The building tells the story of a young nation full of adventure. Learn about the 19th Century world of explorers, trappers, fur traders, Native Americans and pioneers as you walk through the building.