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Sample-McDougald House

Pompano Beach Sample-McDougald House This historic house in Pompano Beach is also called the Sample Estate or Pinehaven, now located on 10th Street after having been constructed on Dixie Highway and later moved here when it was being taken over by the Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society in 2001. In 2004, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Sample family would come here just after the turn of the 20th century, with John M. Sample, being the first person to settle in the Pompano region, and bought farming land from the Florida East Coast Railway before 1910; and his older brother, Albert Neal Sample, an architect, would follow his younger brother to the county from Chester, North Carolina in 1911. Neal would buy his brother's parcel in 1915 and start construction on his house in 1916; which would be a large house set on a small knoll that would be just 22 feet above sea level. The house, which sat on a plot measuring 200 feet by 250 feet, would become known as the Old Sample Estate and Pine Haven, is a seventeen room house of Georgian colonial structure, built by Sample as a copy of the house he had owned before in North Carolina. It is now one of the most architecturally unique houses in the area, and encompassed by an eight acre plot of land that was vacant on the rear. It is constructed of cypress wood, entirely, with a wide columnar porch that extends around the house in a U shape, facing the busy Dixie Highway. It is two stories, with five bedrooms upstairs, a kitchen with butler pantry and one bedroom downstairs with reception room, parlor and separate dining area. The ceilings are eleven feet high, with many windows to allow as much air as possible to flow through since, at that time, there wasn't any air conditioning. The foundation would be reinforced with extra brick pillars and since it was constructed so well, it would survive the terrible hurricane of 1926 and 1928. It would become Sample's base for his farming operation and in 1917, he would construct a road to his croplands to make it easier to bring in seed and other materials, as well as transport his finished crops. It is a fabulous example of the early architecture of the day, and one of the best examples of early settlers that came to create a city near the ocean. In 1984, it would be added to the register and preserved for future generations. The best way to visit the old farmstead is to rent an auto from the good folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who has many locations in the area. Enterprise will give you the best service, vehicle and price, regardless of what kind of vehicle you need and how long you plan on using it. Enterprise has become the first choice of visitors to the Pompano Beach area.

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Loxahatchee Everglades Tour

Pompano Beach Loxahatchee Everglades TourThe best way to enjoy viewing the famous Everglades of Florida is to take an airboat tour, that whisks you along the river of grass, providing you with the most magnificent views of the glades flora and fauna, all living in their natural state, just like it was when the first white men arrived almost five hundred years ago. The tours begin at 9:30 each day, depending on the weather, water and business conditions, with the final tour starting out at 4 PM in the afternoon. The company supplies ear and eye protection, with ponchos available for those misty days or rainy periods that can sneak up on you within moments, the reason being that there are no mountains or high places in the state to stall or stop any high winds or rainy clouds. The tours leave on the hour, but they would like customers to be there a half hour early to become acclimated and learn more about the process and the tour. The company offers one hour, 6 to 8 mile tours of the glades, along with longer tours if you wish. All tours are guided with experienced staff, that are very knowledgeable about the everglades, the flora and fauna located there, and the possible sights you might see and be on the lookout for. You will be thoroughly interested and excited about the ride, with all the beautiful scenery and sights the Everglades have to offer, as well as some of the finest weather around. You will need transportation to get to the airboat tours, so be sure to check out Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with many locations in the area, using the most hospitable staff and the best prices around. Enterprise is becoming the main choice of Florida travelers and offer excellent deals and amenities. You can choose any type of vehicle you need or want, with the best deals in the state.