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Things to do in Portsmouth

portsmouthpathWhile you are in Portsmouth you will be greeted by a friendly city that loves water and a good time. A mostly costal city Portsmouth is filled with a past of Navy history and while you are in town you can see the impression it has made. One of the more popular attractions in Portsmouth is “Path of History” which incorporates two of the nation’s oldest Navy facilities. Start out at the Navy Medical center and learn about the history here by walking the museum and find out more about these people who saved some of the most honored men in the world. Near this side of the “Path of History” park you will experience the 3-acre park section of the walk. Because the medical institution was built in 1830 it served through basically every conflict the navy has seen. Therefore you get see the amazing artifacts that have survived through this time to the present artifacts used today. Next you will find yourself at the Naval Shipyard where you can see several ships both large and amazing. Then walk through the 1-acre park and enjoy the brick walkways that walk you through the exhibits. Walk through over 200 years of Navy history and see things like the 75,000 pound propellers and the a refurbished sail from a former submarine and Navy guns that were once used on vessels built at the shipyard. There are several stops along the way in the park that include things like the Frensnel Lens and many famous historic homes such as the Pass and Hill Houses. Experience some of the best of Portsmouth at your own pace.

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A few more things in Portsmouth

portsmouthIf you are looking for a Portsmouth attraction that has a lot to offer in one location than the Portsmouth City park will make an excellent stop on your vacation through town. The park has plenty to offer if you have a love of aquatics from 3-pier boat ramp, sailboat launch area, and small watercraft beach. Grab the kids and a towel and spend the day relaxing on the beach front with a view like this you won’t want to leave anytime soon. For something just a little faster paced you can head over to “The Links.”This 9-hole golf course offers a learning center. From lighted driving ranges to a full putting range and even a putting course you will swing like the pros in no time at all. If you want to enjoy even more fun family completion the park offers lighted tennis courts for fast paced tennis action. Want something just for the kids the arts playground is not only big but it’s a blast for kids to run around and enjoy. This three story playground offers something that swings, something to crawl, and something to slide. Also be sure to check out Pokey Smokey the fun kids train that will take you around the park to enjoy the scenic views. If you packed a lunch for the day you will find yourself in luck as you wonder into the Friendship Gardens. These shelters and picnic tables have grill for your hot dogs and a waterfront view that will have you there until sunset just to see the view. There is no limit on fun in Portsmouth.