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USS SALEM, Quincy Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step foot on one of those large battleships you see on T.V.? Well when visiting Quincy you will have a chance. Quincy is home to the United States Naval Ship Building Museum. At this museum there is a very special and large exhibit. The exhibit is the USS Salem CA-139 and it isn’t quite a battle ship but a Heavy Cruiser. Now you might be wondering what the difference is between a Heavy Cruiser and a Battleship is, in general its about 8 inches. Now I’m not talking about 8 inches length but 8 inches in diameter. During WWII battleships were the strongest and largest ships in a navel fleet. Their main cannons consisted of 16 inch rounds. Yes, that is huge each shot could weigh as much as 2700 pounds. Now a heavy cruiser’s largest cannon only was 8 inches half the size of the Battleship. That left the Heavy Cruiser with a lot of firepower still but the ability move quickly, these Cruisers were used as scout boats that lead a fleet and helped to protect the larger ships and find incoming threats. Today the USS Salem is the centerpiece for the museum and can be boarded and explored. Admission is just $8 for adults and $6 for seniors and kids 4-12. The ship is open daily from 10-5 and well worth the trip. Explore the engine, and crew quarters, see how life was aboard a ship at the end of WWII. While you are there just try to imagine that around 1700 men worked on the ship at the same time, and far out at sea. The USS Salem is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

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What to explore in Quincy

Adams National Historic ParkQuincy is close to Boston and is rich with history. Quincy today houses the Adams National Historical Park. This park over the last 300 or so years has been called home by two different American Presidents, and their decedents from 1720 up into 1927. The park consists of many different exhibits and places that have stood through time. One of the most popular features of the park is the presidential birthplace as they call it. It is a two story log home and is the birthplace of John Adams. Today we would look at this home and shudder at the idea of giving birth in such a home. Today the home is carefully preserved and gives the generations to come chance to see an amazing and old home. The Historic park also has a few other building that are preserved and now act as a museum to help teach the coming generations of the rich history that surrounds them and Quincy. Admission to the park is cheep at $5 for adults and free for kids and teens under the age of 16. The Adams National Historical Park is a great place to take the kids and spend a few days going over the history that the area has to offer.