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Things to do in Reston

restonWelcome to Reston, a small Virginia city with a big taste for fun. One locally loved attraction in Reston is the Reston Zoo. Come spend the day with the animals for an informative and entertaining afternoon. Meet the king of the zoo the African Lion and hear his tremendous roar as he welcomes you to the zoo. The zoo also offers numerous other cats to come look at like the spotted snow leopard. Step into the reptile house and get to know more about those things that slitter in the night. The snakes, boas, and lizards await you so that you can step into their environment and learn more about them.  From Flamingos, Black Swans, Owls, Macaws, and Ducks this zoo aviary is great as you walk around these well taken care of birds you will see what we are talking about when we say you will be captivated by the beauty of these animals.  There is also a wagon buggy ride that will drive you around the open zoo area where you can see these animals up close and even get a chance to feed them. There are even a few animal special animals that you may not have even known existed until you showed up here such as the Watusi that you will have a chance to see on your fun voyage through the zoo. One thing is for certain you are sure to have a blast at the zoo in Reston! The staff is friends, the animals are beautiful and all that is missing is you.

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A few more things in Reston

rentonparksReston is home to many fun parks that will bring day long adventures to your family while you are in town. If you are looking for something with historic significance the Colvin Run Mill may be the play for you to go and play for the day. Built in 1811 the Colvin Run Mill was the only water-powered mill in the D.C. area. Right next to the mill you will find the miller’s home, when Addison Millard moved his family into town when he bought the mill and became the sole operator. Running a mill is no easy task and that is why the Addison family was such a good fit Addison and his wife had around 20 children that helped run the mill. After the death of Addison the family stayed to operate the mill but eventually the mill was left abandoned. The mill was adopted by the city who fully restored it and soon it won a first place restoration award from the American Institute of Architects. Today you can find the miller’s house, barn and historic post office in Reston. Stop by while you are in town to catch up on a piece of local history. If you are looking for a park with a little more splash stop at Reston’s Lake Fairfax Park. This 18-acre lake has been nicknamed The Water Mine and offers visitors an outdoor swimming pool enclosed by a natural lazy river. The park also offers picnic areas and trails to spend the day adventurously and for the kids there is a playground and carousel. Rain or shine, summer or winter there is a park in Reston for you.