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Historic Mayowood Mansion Minnesota is a beautiful state it has great seasons and a lot of historic buildings. One of which is the Historic Mayowood Mansion. I got the opportunity to take a guided tour in the estate before it was closed in august for restoration. A part of me is glad that I had the chance to see the house but I am slightly jealous that I won’t be in the area when it opens again in Christmas. Admission to the Mansion was just 12 bucks which included the guided tour. It was amazing to see how the history in the estate has been preserved and the effect that the Mayo brothers had on the Minnesota area. The mansion is set on a 46 acre plot of land. The center contains a history center museum and a very renowned Exhibit Gallery. There is a gift store and a research center that contains the Wickland archives. The area is filled with numerous sites that you can visit and each different then the others. They include lots of fun artifacts that can’t be seen anywhere else. The museum’s current exhibits highlight the medical field of the 1920’s. With an exhibit of the Medical Theater, and the St Mary’s Hospital a more interesting exhibit is the history of IBM computers the exhibit details the computers made during the 1960s and 1970s. It was a delight to see as it was enlighten to see how computers have gone from rooms to being in the palm of our hands.

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What to eat in Rochester

Pescara If you stop by and ask a local of Rochester Minnesota where to eat they will surly tell you Pescara. Pescara is right in the middle of downtown Rochester and is just a block away from the world famous Mayo Clinic. Pescara translates into abounding with fish which happens to be a great name for a restaurant that specializes in fish. The restaurant serves the best fish in Rochester and that is partly because they never server frozen fish. While there I was so impressed by the food and the waiter told us that the old thing in the freezer is the beer kegs and the ice cream. I told him I was disappointed that they had to use frozen ice cream instead of fresh and he tossed me a sympathy laugh that I took because none of my family thought it was funny. On top of the fish being fresh it is also line fish. This means that their fish doesn’t come from fish farms that are fed meal. The fish are wild and taste the best. Pescara is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We dined at night and I was lucky enough that the special was a wild Alaskan Salmon. It was perfectly cooked with a pistachio crust and sauce. Despite my advise my wife got a File Mignon instead of a fresh fish, I thought she might be disappointed as it wasn’t their specialty, she however was very impressed and happy with the steak. It was cooked perfectly to her liking and I could tell that the staff was used to serving them as I looked around and saw other steaks on the tables.