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Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford Rockford is located on the bank of Rock River and is the third most populated city in Illinois. The Anderson Japanese Gardens located in the heart of Rockford is a real treat for the visitors to city each year. It is situated on a 14-acre area and considered as the hidden gem of the northern Illinois. It was named the finest Japanese garden in North America in 2004 by the Journal of Japanese Gardening. The Anderson Japanese Gardens was built in a 13th century strolling pond garden featuring several ponds and waterfalls, streams, rock formations, winding paths, a tea house and a guest house. The Garden of Reflection is a contemporary Japanese style garden with bronze angel sculptures. These gardens are home to many colorful fishes, minks and ducks. As you stroll through the Garden of Reflection you will see beetle traps hanging over the pond water to encourage these fishes to surface for food. There are many plants and trees can be found throughout the Anderson Japanese Gardens including Japanese maples, cloud pines, magnolias, azaleas and rhododendrons. You are allowed to take pictures so seize the moment with your loved ones while you are there. It is a great place for reflection, serenity and relaxation. Many people visiting Rockford also go to Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden. It is a 155-acre arboretum and botanical garden located at South Main Street. The arboretum has a pre-settlement Bur Oak grove and over 50 species of conifers including junipers, firs, spruces, yews, arborvitae and hemlock among others. The gardens features a Butterfly Garden, a Fountain Garden, a Daylily Garden, Demonstration Gardens, Grass Garden, Hosta Garden, Nancy Olson Children's Garden and a Prehistoric Garden.

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Rockford Discovery Center MuseumThere are lots of places to visit in Rockford for museum goers. The Burpee Museum of Natural History draws many tourists to downtown Rockford. Built in 1941, the museum consists of four buildings: the Manny Mansion, the Barnes Mansion, the Solem Wing and the Water Lab. The Solem Wing houses exhibits, meeting rooms, laboratories, an auditorium and a gift shop. The museum exhibits include Jane-Diary of a Dinosaur, a juvenile T-Rex discovered in southeastern Montana; Carboniferous Coal Forest, a two-story tall prehistoric coal forest displaying local landscape, insects and amphibians; the Ordovician Sea, displays fossils found in the Midwest; Geoscience, displays how our earth was formed and the forces still at work shaping our planet; the First People, displays the history of humankind in North America, Windows to Wilderness, displays the wildlife of the Rock River Valley and Dean Olson Viewing Lab, focuses on how the Museum works. The museum also features many temporary exhibits. If you have children then don’t forget to go to Discovery Center Museum. It is a great place for the kids with more than 250 interactive science and arts exhibits. Children can also explore Rock River Discovery Park, an outdoor science park with many hands-on exhibits. In Discovery Center Planetarium, children can experience the night sky and presentation on planets, stars and space exploration. The newest addition to the center is Ag-Zibit, featuring 17 hands-on components that illustrate how agriculture touches our everyday lives. Other museums in the area are Midway Village & Museum Center and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens. Midway Village & Museum Center features exhibits on Rockford's major industries. The property also includes a Doll Museum and the Old Millhouse. Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens is a historic Victorian style mansion with a Native American burial mound and the home of the famous Sock Monkey.