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Children's Museum & Science Center North Carolina is a beautiful state and there is lots to do out doors. The summer is beautiful but sometimes we just need to find some air condition and get inside. If that is the case and you have some children that need to be kept busy then be sure to take a trip to The Imperial Centre for The Arts & Science and their Children’s Museum & Science Center. The centre is filled with lots of fun exhibits that the whole family will enjoy. The museum has many permanent exhibits that are always open to the public and also a few that rotate so there is always something new and special for guests to enjoy. The current featured exhibit is named “Brain: The world Inside Your head” it’s a fun packed exhibit that is perfect for older kids to really learn about how the brain works and the different parts. How some people are more left brain oriented and other more right brain. How each side of the brain affects memory, artistic ability, and intellectual knowledge. A few of the permanent exhibits that are classics are Space Spot, Elements of Life, and the Live Animal Gallery. If there is one thing that all kids enjoy it are the small animals. The live Animal exhibit is a partition of the museum that show how life in our world survive and thrive in different ecosystems.

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What to eat in Rocky Mount

Highway Diner Diners are just an American classic the cubed glass pillars and red and white vinyl chairs are a trademark of a time that has passed but is kept alive in diners. Highway Diner in Rocky Mount North Carolina is one of these places that are keeping the diner tradition alive. Open for every meal of the day Highway Diner serves up some of the best budget food you can get in the area. It has friendly service that does in no way shape or form resemble the snobby waitresses that are found in the movies when a dinner is open. The service has always been polite and attentive, while serving a very good meal. This is a diner after all so it isn’t the healthiest meal you will ever eat and will most likely not be the best tasting but it’s a diner after all you come to a diner to enjoy the company of your family and friends. I can’t say that there food is fresh from a local farm because I don’t know but I can say that the staff at Highway Diner do their best to give the best diner experience every time I’m in the area. Highway Diner in Rocky Mount is a great place to stop for a bite to eat any hour of the day.