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War Eagle Cavern There is a misconception when it comes to caves and caverns. Do you know the difference? I didn’t. Pretty much it goes like this a cave is any underground enclosure with access to the surface and is large enough for a human to enter. A cavern is usually a larger underground feature that is deep enough that light doesn’t reach the back. So with that said every cavern is a cave but not all caves are caverns. Confused yet? Well luckily if you are Arkansas has a great place that you can visit and get it all sorted out. Take a trip to Rogers and the War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake. They are open Mon-Saturday from 9:30 to 5. Basic tours are $13.50 for adults and $8 for kids the tour is about an hour and you cover right around one mile. If you are up for something a little more exciting then you will want to make a reservation for the Spelunker Tour. This tour is 50 bucks a pop but worth it, this is a 3-4 hours tour that your group leads and a trail guide accompanies. This is the down and dirty, you will get wet and muddy in this tour and flashlights jackets and knee pads are a much. Explore the caves and see sights the few people have the courage to get to. On the land above the cavern is a gift shop that has many great things to take home but perhaps the coolest part of the above ground park is the maze. The maze has over half a mile of twists and turns that make it a fun adventure for the whole family.

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War Eagle Mill Its all about history, where we came from and what we have done. Without the history of cars we wouldn’t be able to have the cars that we do today. Museums are a great way to preserve that history and in a big way. War Eagle Mill in Rogers Arkansas is a beautiful museum that not only is preserving history but using the building for what it was original intended. The original mill was built at the turn of the centaury however over the years and the many wars it was destroyed. However the site was such a perfect spot for a mill it was rebuilt. The mill is a beautiful building and because of the strong river water runs under the wheel and not over it like most water mills. The Mill in 1973 was rebuilt for the 4th time to the original blueprints. The mill today is powered by the same underwater wheel that powered it over 100 years ago and is the only working mill in Arkansas. Today the site is not only a mill but also a restaurant and a shop. The mill uses only the best grains for its flour and adds no preservatives making it organic and some of the best flour on the market on top of that it is fresh and ground daily. The mill is a great place to take the family too and spend an hour just soaking up the rich history. If you lucky you might even be able to see how the grain is milled and the process that has lasted over a centaury.