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Things to do in Rutland

wilsoncastleThe third largest city in Vermont, Rutland had early beginnings. In the 1830s a large deposit of solid marble was discovered in the town of Rutland. Because of lack of transportation and availability cheaper in Italy the town was not given much attention for its big find. In the 1850s however not only did the railroad began to stretch to Rutland but the larger quarries in Italy became unsafe to excavate any longer and other night Rutland was famous. People traveled from across the globe to come to the city of Rutland and many of these people were very important. By 1867 Doctor and Lady Johnson had picked Rutland as their home. Doctor Johnson was originally from Vermont but has traveled to England for schooling where he met his wife, a very wealthy lady from a very rich family. Because of the popularity back in Rutland they decided to move back home. Being use to the high life they instantly began the 8 yr process of building their home and upon completion the total bill was $1,300,000. A short time after moving in Lady Johnson became sick and died and without her family’s money Doctor Johnson could not afford the bills and the house became repossessed. After possession of the houses switched hands several times in 1939 it was finally securely owned by Herbert Lee Wilson an AM radio pioneer.  Soon afterward he joined the United States Army Signal Corps during WW2 and retired in 1950. The house still remains in his family’s possession today and is known as the Wilson Castle. This large estate is open to the public today as a museum tour. During the year special events are put on in the castle. During Halloween there is a ghost tour. One of the best events is the Murder Mystery Tour where you can explore the castle and look for clues as you try to prove who is guilty of murder. For a wonderful day looking at marvelous architecture you should check out the Wilson Castle during your stay in Rutland.

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A few more things in Rutland

slideWhile you are in the city of Rutland whether it be summer or winter there is always a good opportunity to see the mountains. The Pico Mountains in Vermont are always bustling with activity. Where you just want to catch a fitness class or get in the snow this mountain has it all.  For people not so use to a mountain you can get enrolled in a skiing class and learn how to take to the mountains like a pro. For the younger kids the mountain offers a Planet Kids Park  offering snow volcanoes, tree houses, tubing, and small tubing lifts the kids have a chance to have some fun that they are comfortable with. There are plenty of trails to take to whether it’s a nature trail, ski trail, or cross country the mountain is full of amenities to capture all audiences. If you happen to be in Vermont during the summer months the mountain offers an extreme activity all to itself. Pico Peak Alpine Slide is a winding slide that takes about 2 minutes to go down and you ride along a buggy that takes you on all the loops and turns. It is just like bobsledding without the snow. Truly a once in a lifetime experience summer or winter the Pico Mountains will keep you happy.