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zooThe seventh largest city in the United State San Antonio has always wanted to show people a good time. The San Antonio zoo boast a wonderful collection of animals that is sure to show you a good time while you are visiting the area. The first zoo in the city was formed in the 1800s from a collection of animals in a park. Seeing how much children and families enjoyed coming and learning about the spectacular creatures that co-habit the planet with us the zoo was added to in 1914. Colonel George W. Brackenridge was one of these people who enjoyed seeing the youth excited about science and promptly arranged procession of one buffalo, elk, deer, monkeys, a pair of lions, and four bears and had them brought to  land he had deeded over to the city. With the start of the San Antonio Zoo firmly in place the zoo only continued to grow. The zoo is proud to have been the zoo in America with careless exhibits. Today the zoo offers a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds. The bird collection found at the zoo still stands undisputed as one of the world’s largest free flying bird collections. With over 779 animal species and spreading over 56 acres the zoo has always been a crowd pleaser among visitors and locals alike and is sure to add some excitement to your stay in San Antonio.

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A few more things in San Antonio

shamuBe prepared to feel like a kid again. Sea World takes the magic you felt looking at animals as a kid and brings it to life in its spectacular shows. Themed around wildlife appreciation and conversation this park is unique, entertaining, and inspirational. Watch the dolphins swim and play and head over to the feeding area to get a chance to have a close encounter with these beautiful animals. The main attraction in this section of the park is hands down the Whale and Dolphin Theater where you can see the show Blue Horizons. This show brings together birds, dolphins, and whales into one majestic show. Watch good conquer evil as the dolphins race through the arena victoriously with their trainer on their backs. After this show head over to the Journey to Atlantis a scary boat ride into the lost sea where medusa will take you on a pretty bumpy ride as you try to escape.  If you feel like you have your sea legs head over to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. Prepare for some corny jokes and hardy laughs as you watch the misadventure; Clyde and Seamore solve the mystery of who is stealing the fish.  Head underwater next for the Shark Encounter, an underwater tunnel that lets you see the sharks swim around you as if you were submerged into the sea. Just outside is a Shark Lagoon where you can grab some food and feed the sharks as they swim across the lagoon. Next up head the theater featuring the show One Ocean which places importance on the fact that all water is connected and therefore we are all connected to the Ocean. Watch Shamu and his family amaze you as they jump through the water and make one really big splash. Just behind the stadium in a carnival themed toddler section. Offering a sea carousel, swings, a kids coaster, splash pad, and giant playground your little ones will stay active and happy.  At this point it is probably time to find a seat at the Bayside Stadium and prepare for Shamu Rocks. This rock and roll concert lights the skies with fireworks as Shamu and his family make yet another appearance and bring entertainment to the water.