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Things to do in Sandy Springs

Steel Canyon Golf ClubThe Steel Canyon Golf Club, formerly known as the Blue Heron, speaks for itself when it comes to quality golf courses. Featuring a full eighteen hole course as well as a driving range this great course has something for every golf enthusiast out there. Explore the back woods of Sandy Springs as you play this fantastic course just off Morgan Falls Road. The course boats a “fun and different” par sixty one course that will challenge golfers of all skill levels. Under the new name the course recently planted all new greens and renovated a large majority of its course to bring you the finest set of holes in Georgia. The renewed course doesn’t just look great, it looks better than the day it was made. Polished greens and beautiful views aren’t the only thing the Steel Canyon Golf Club has to offer. With a lighted practice facility you can get your perfect swing to perfection into all hours of the night. Whether you are practicing chipping or exploring the finer side of the driving range this course gives you all the tools and utensils you need for a great game of golf. This fantastic course also features PGA instruction as well as golf camps to get your game in gear, so when you visit the Sandy Springs area be sure to stop by for a fine round of golf.

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A few more things in Sandy Springs

Williams-Payne House and MuseumIn 2010 the city of Sandy Springs celebrated the grand opening of the Williams-Payne House and Museum. This fantastic museum is the only museum that is dedicated to the sharing of Sandy Spring’s vibrant history with the community. Located in the Williams-Payne house at Heritage green this building has been repurposed to allow visitors to view three separate exhibits, each with their own unique view of the town and its history. The anchor exhibit gives visitors a fantastic look at the communities history, and the largest of the exhibits is a comprehensive exhibit gallery, the Sandy Springs: Land and People. This exhibit tells the story of the community and its time spent with the Native Americans, interpretive panels throughout the exhibit depict the major changes in the community over the generations. These panels show key events such as the Land Rush, the Civil War, Reconstruction, World War II and many more events that turned this small town into the beautiful city it is today. With seasonal and current events passing through you can find more exhibits on different occasions. Be sure to stop by and explore this hidden gem when you visit the Sandy Springs area!