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Lower Wekiva River State Preserve

Sanford Lower Wekiva River State Park Preserve The Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park spreads across 18,000 acres of marvelous landscaping, along six miles of the St. John's River in Lake and Seminole counties, creating a sort of wildlife corridor to the Ocala National Forest as it winds along the Wekiva and St. John's River. Some of the fabulous animals you might see here include the Florida black bear, sandhill cranes, alligators, river otters and wood storks that have lived in the area for millions of years. There are mainly two parts to the beautiful park, the north and south, with the northern area leading to backpack and primitive horse camping areas and multi- use trails that meander around this magnificent landscape filled with all the flora and fauna that make up the state. That entrance is in Pine Lakes and the southern entrance is about nine miles west of Sanford, providing access to 5,000 outstanding acres of the preserve, although, they don't allow horseback riding here. Neither of these areas provide boat access, although many canoeists travel the Wekiva through the preserve, as it winds up to the St. John's. It is excellent canoeing, with a slow steady flow, wandering around the land, like a snake crawling towards his home. Some of the best activities found here include; hiking and biking, equestrian camping, canoeing and wildlife viewing. There are horse stalls and corrals, along with eighteen marvelous miles of trails that can be used for just about anything. The best way to visit either park or both is to rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car with numerous locations in Sanford, where you will get the best service in the state, as their staff helps you decide which is the best ride for your needs, while you vacation in the state. Enterprise has always done its best to help put visitors in the driver's seat of a car of their choosing, and the best maintenance records on file.

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Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Sanford Central Florida Zoo & Botanical GardensAround 1923, when the Central Florida Zoo opened, it would be called the Sanford Municipal Zoo and had just a small collection of animals that had been donated by the local fire department, and for the next two decades would be relocated around the city, until 1941, when it would be located to its current location, on July 4, 1975. Today, it is home to more than 400 animals, with numerous educational opportunities available for animal encounters and zookeeper chats. Some of the animals housed there include; black-footed cats, two-toed sloth, goats, clouded leopard, amur leopard, black-handed spider monkey, brown lemur, cheetah, cottontop tamarin, coati, zebu, llama, caracal, prehensile-tailed porcupine, South African crested porcupine and many others. Birds kept there include; bald eagles, tawny frogmouth, African red-billed hornbill, lesser spot-nosed guenon, black-throated magpie-jay, king vulture, kookaburra, Panama yellow-crowned Amazon, wreathed hornbill and others. Reptiles include the Aldabra giant tortoise, Amazonian palm viper, American alligator, American crocodile, West African mamba, Aruba Island rattlesnake, Florida cottonmouth, Florida pine snake, Southern copperhead, New Guinea crocodile monitor, red rat snake, red spitting cobra, green tree python and many others. The zoo has joined with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and the Florida Museum of Natural History so that they can monitor the state's 68 species of amphibians and attempt to save the 16 species that are believed to be at great risk of extinction due to habitat loss, climate changes, new wildlife diseases and invasive species. It also takes great pride and part in the 11 AZA Species Survival Plans that includes; elephants, Aruba Island rattlesnake, cheetah, gibbon, ruffed lemur, black-footed cat, clouded leopard, guenon, rock iguana, spider monkey and cotton-top tamarin. You can rent a great car from the friendly folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to go to the zoo and its adjacent botanical gardens, with many locations in the region and the best maintained vehicles in the state. Enterprise wants to be your rental car company.