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San Gabriel Mission Museum San Gabriel is home to many things to fill your days with. It’s a beautiful place and is home to the San Gabriel Mission. It has been a thriving place of worship for hundreds of year. Today the mission is still a great place to worship but it is also a beautiful place to visit. The museum is open most of the year except for holidays. It opens up at 9 in the morning and closes at 4:30. It’s a self tour so you can enjoy the time with family and friends it only takes about an hour but there are plenty of beautiful places to sit and watch the birds sing so most people stay longer. Its best to come before 3:30 so you are not being rushed out of the museum. Admission is cheap and free for kid sunder 5, ages 6 -17 are just 3 bucks and adults are 5, if you have and seniors 62 and up are just 4 bucks. The museum is easy to find and can be entered from the gift shop anytime through out the day. My family and I went and spend a couple of hours exploring this rich piece of history. The artifacts which were encased in glass had a long story that went along with them. It taught you the history and how the mission had been established and how it has survived over the many years. The masonry of the buildings and walls are one of a kind and can’t be anywhere else.

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What to eat in San Gabriel

Newport Tan Chag California is famous for many things and one of them is their seafood. The pacific is a great source of seafood it is filled with life and makes getting the seafood cheap in California. While in San Gabriel my family and I ended up stopping at Newport Tan Chag. This one of a kind Chinese food place that specializes in seafood the owners originally owned and operated a restaurant in Orange County but in 1996 decided to sell and move their restaurant to San Gabriel. Their restaurant is an amazing place with beautiful décor and food to match. The mission the owners have set out upon is the serve delicious food while its hot and keep the customers coming back. I believe they have accomplished that because as I’m was their customer I got hot delicious food and would love to go back. The restaurant has high ceilings and hanging lights and the most beautiful live lobster tank. It’s a great place to go on a special occasion like a birthday. If you chose to get one of their live lobsters you can even choose which one you want to have cooked for you. It might seem strange at first but it’s a way to personalize your meal. Bring the whole family or just a friend either way the staff will keep you entertained and keep care of you.