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The Tech Museum California is filed with lots of history and great museums you could spend a life time going from museum to museum learning and exploring the history. Being a geek one of my favorite museums is The Tech Museum of San Jose. It’s an interesting museum that is good for all ages and especially for kids. On top of being a great museum it also has an amazing IMAX theatre, and having a astounding MythBusters exhibit that will be on display till January 6th after that is will be replaced with an equally awesome exhibit. The MythBuster exhibit has great hands-on exhibits that take some of the best myth’s that they busters and lets you prove or disprove the myth. Myths like does toast land butter side down, do you get wetter when you run in the rain over walking, or can a plane take off on a conveyor belt that is moving opposite of the jets? The normal exhibits at the tech museum may not be exciting as proving these myths true or false but they are interesting and worth the time. The permanent exhibits at The Tech Museum feature many great technically aspects like Resolution which was one of my favorite permanent exhibits, this exhibit lets kids change the color on a series of dots and can be moved over an area. This exhibit teaches kids how a modern computer screen uses high resolutions to create detailed and elaborate images.

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What to eat in San Jose

The Smoking Pigs BBQ Company It might be my upbringing but when I think BBQ I think small town Styrofoam plates and cups. It just brings back good memories of great food. While in San Jose my favorite place to eat is at Smoking Pig BBQ company. It’s a simple place that serves food I a simple way, on Styrofoam plates. I love it and I can’t each enough each time I go there isn’t a better place to eat BBQ in the Bay area. Everything they cook is freash and all the meat is cooked in a smoker. It give the meat great taste and traps in all the natural flavor. Smoking Pig has some of the best ribs I’ve ever eaten and it has gotten numerous awards from local newspapers and state reviews. They are closed on Mondays but open for lunch and diner every other day of the week. If you happen to be traveling in the area finding Smoking Pig BBQ Company is easy just pick up the Michelin Guide San Francisco 2013 it has directions and coupons to Smoking Pig but also has other really great places to eat and visit as well. If BBQ isn’t a right fit for your mood don’t worry there is over 500 restaurants in the guide so there is sure to be something for you.