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Legoland Discovery Center Living in Central Florida I was excited when they built LegoLand, but what I didn’t understand is there was other parks around the states. It wasn’t until I was traveling in Schaumburg Illinois that I ran across the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. I just had to take my kids, what I didn’t tell them was that I wanted to go more than thy did. The Discovery Center was lots of fun for my kids and myself we started by heading straight for the Kingdom Quest Laser Rider. Kingdom Quest was lots of fun and we hoped aboard a 4 person chariot and take hold of the laser muskets. The ride even keeps score so shoot as many of those pesky evil skeletons and trolls as you can and get the highest score. The ride was so fun that we had to ride it several times and each and every time it was just as enjoyable as the first. After getting our fill of lasers we stopped at the Technicycle. The Technicycle is a high flying adventure that take kids up in the air and sore them around in circles. LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a great place to spend an entire day and for the price it can’t be beat. Kids ages 3-12 get in for $16 bucks and adults get in for $20. It gets better if you not your going book online and get kids and adult tickets for just $12.60 a piece.

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Medieval Times There was an age where battles and kingdoms were decided on horseback. Feasts were plated where guests received delicious meals that filled their stomachs. This age which was the Medieval times is long gone however it is kept alive through reenactments at various castles around the states. At Medieval Times you can make a reservation to enjoy a fantastic dinner show with delicious food cooked fresh and is like a meal you would receive from a King in the dark ages. The entertainment is where things really get interesting. The seats are centered around a huge dirt arena and each area is color coated and assigned a coat of arms. Your section then is responsible for cheering for the corresponding Knight. Yes, that’s right Knight the main event of the evening is a competition for the kings lovely daughters hand. There is horse tricks, challenges like threading a giant lance through small rings and even a battle of arms. Each knight is well trained to be a fighter as well as an entertainer. At this dinner show you will not be disappointed. Throughout the night you will enjoy a meal starting with Tomato Bisque, Focaccia Bread as appetizers, then a main course of Oven-roasted Chicken, BBQ spare Ribs, and Herb-basted potatoes. The dinner is finished off with a delicious Braided apple strudel.