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Proctor Theatre There isn’t very many place that you can go and see a good screen play. Sure you can go to Vegas or Broadway but that gets expensive really quick. In the Geart of Schenectady there is a place that was built over 80 years ago and still to this day is providing great entertainment to its guests. The Proctor Theatre was built in 1926 by F.F. Proctor hint where the name came from. He was known as the “Dean of Vaudeville” and made the Theatre and Schenectady a popular town. He used a method of chaining performances together to draw large crowds to his theatre. It worked great and it was even the first place that television was demonstrated in town. However with T.V. on the rise and the economy on the declining heading into the great depression the Proctor was forced to close. Over the curse of many years it changed hands and was even on the verge of being torn down in the 70’s. It was saved however by a group of citizens who tirelessly pursued the city and state until they helped to renovate the theatre. Today the theatre is a hit spot in town and has been ever since it was restored. Depending on the show currently being show depends on what night it is played but you can find a great show on most any night of the week. Just check out their website for current times and listing.

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What to eat in Schenectady

Canali's Italian & American Restaurant 7 History isn’t always everything at a restaurant. I’ve eaten at places that have been around for almost a century however because of their current management have fallen to the wayside and no longer make great food. Lucky for the locals of Schenectady that is not the case of Canali’s Italian & American Restaurant. The establishment has been serving the best food you can get for over 65 years! It was founded in 1947 by Peter and Jean Alteri. Peter ran the day to day affairs of the restaurant with the simple idea of using fresh ingredients and not compromising the quality of food for a few cents of extra profit. Back when the restaurant you couldn’t have food flown from around the world to your door so food had to be obtained locally. Today Canali’s tries to continune that tradition by buying what they can from local markets. Fresh fruits and veggies instead of frozen carrots from across the world. Canali’s is a great place to go for any event. It is casual enough for a night with the family yet can be romantic enough for a wedding anniversary or classy enough for a first date. The prices are also great and even the most expensive of dish can be had for around 20 bucks. Spaghetti with meatball or sausage runs $12.59 and will be more than enough to fill up the most hungry guest and even comes with a soup or salad.