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houdiniPrepare to be wowed on your trip to Scranton as you enter the Harry Houdini Tour and Magic Show. The grand facility offers the biggest and best museum of Houdini in the United States of America. This Museum has even been visited by the Houdini Family and given the stamp of approval. Taking place in a historic 150 year old home will take you on a two hour long journey through the wonder and majestic power of magic. The home is the only building in the world that is entirely devoted to Houdini. Known for doing many famous challenged in the area Houdini remains one of the most famous magicians of all time. With performers who have started on HBO, Discovery, Biography & Travel Channels, as well as ABC,CBS & NBC and props that include live animals such as doves, a rabbit, a duck and two poodles this show will rock your socks. Watch profession magicians put on the show of a lifetime and wow you like nothing else.  Even the New York Times called the show “high quality entertainment.” Includes a fun guided tour of our famous collection some of which rotates and travels the world, and the rarest film footage of Harry Houdini doing escapes. Why miss the opportunity to see what can sometimes only be seen on TV right here in Scranton.

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A few more things in Scranton

potholeDiscovered in 1884 by sheer accident the Archbald Pothole awaits your visit in Scranton. A coal miner, Patrick Mahon was out with his company extending a mine shaft as he set off the explosives and explosion of water and stones came pouring into the mine shaft. Even though the entire company fled the mine worried for lives. The manager however went further into the mine shaft and looked around curious he ordered the men back to clear the debris. 1,000 tons of stone removal later it was discovered a large pothole. The large shaft was made for ventilation and the pothole was fenced in. Tourist soon traveled to the site to see this large sinking hole into the ground. The pothole is 38 feet deep and is in an elliptical shape. The diameter of the pothole decreases downward. The surrounding 150 acres were protected with the Historic Society and Archbald Pothole State Park was founded. Now paved and with trash cans and picnic tables, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, a walking trail, and playground.