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StageCoach Shawnee is a part of Johnson Country in Kansas. In the 1950’s it was the place to go with a population of over 62,000 it was a well-populated area after WWII. Just because of a large population doesn’t make this the place to go what does is the 1950’s All-Electric House, Built in 1954 it was a model home for the Suburb of Prairie Village. It was a model for just 6 months and during that time had over 62,000 people who toured it. That is about the entire population of Johnson Country at the time. The Home turned into a home for about 40 years then once again was turned into a model home but not for selling but instead as a museum. Today the 1950’s All-Electric House is a tourist destination and a fun and interesting one to spend a few hours. It’s amazing to see what technology could do even back in in the 50’s. There are technologies in the house that are in our everyday lives today and others that have died off and are not very common today. Inside the house there are things like an electric garage door opener, Electric Blinds, Can opener, automatic hidden Television, and even an electric curtain opener. Today the House is open from 1-4 pm Monday through Saturday, and there are even guided tours offered every half an hour. It’s interesting to see how houses have changed over the years because in the 1950’s home strollers and wheel chairs can’t be used. There is a 30 minute video tour of the house if walking isn’t an option.

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What to eat in Shawnee

Hereford House The 1950’s were a big time for the residents of Shawnee, they got the all electric house and the first Hereford House was established in 1957. The Hereford house has been a strong restaurant over the years and since its start being serving up the best food in town. It has a large selection choose from but its best dishes are the steaks and prime rib. Each steak is cut daily and kept fresh until you order it. Its cooked to perfection just for you on a hot grill. There is a steak for everyone, if your hungry make sure you go for the Ribeye or Kansas City strip. The Strip is 14 onces and the ribeye can be up to a full pound. For the cowboys who are out there don’t forget to try the Cowboy ribeye which still has the bone in it. Coking a ribeye on the bone gives it more flavors and helps to keep the steaks tender. The Prime Rib is one of the local favorites, I was told I had to try it. Its slow cooked for almost 13 hours. The prime rib is still cooked the same way it was over 50 years ago when the place opened it. Its over roasted then cooked to your liking on the grill to give it a tender inside but a seared outside. Dinners for large family can get on the expensive side its great for a couples night out.