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Things to do in Sioux Falls

siouxWelcome to Sioux Falls, South Dakota ,a big city with an even bigger appetite for fun. There is plenty to do in this city but if you want to enjoy some of the larger attractions you should grab your suit and get ready for one splashing day. Head to Wild Water West the funnest water park in the state this water park lets you get a taste of the wold west and at the same time enjoy a day in the sun. When you get here you can start your day off right at in the giant pool that features a swim up bar for the adults. Enjoy the attractions of the cove as you use giant squirt guns, giant floating rafts, and grab a game of water hoops. Next jump of Caribbean Falls with three other crazy friends and take a 60 foot plunge that will keep you screaming way after its done. Next get ready for over 1,000 feet of pure relaxation as you jump on an inner tube and float around the lazy river for hours. Kids will be practically dragging you to go over to kids zone and they will not be in a hurry to leave. With four stories of water slides, water cannon, water volcanoes, and a bucket that drops over 1,000 gallons of water on all their heads. Water is clearly the theme here and continues to be the theme as you climb the 100 foot tower to the water slides these slides will twist and turn you through thrilling turns until you water it to the splash pool at the bottom. Grab some food in the picnic area as your kids take off in the tidal pool to splash and play away the hours until closing. That's not all this park can offer there is bumber boats, putt putt golf, and go karts. A full day of activities awaits you in this memorable day in Sioux Falls.

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A few more things in Sioux Falls

siouxfallsAnother big attraction in Sioux Falls is the Great Plains Zoo. Come spend the day with the animals for an informative and entertaining afternoon. Meet the king of the zoo the African Lion and hear his tremendous roar as he welcomes you to the zoo. The zoo also offers numerous other cats to come look at like the spotted snow leopard. Step into the reptile house and get to know more about those things that slitter in the night. The snakes, boas, and lizards await you so that you can step into their environment and learn more about them.  From Flamingos, Black Swans, Owls, Macaws, and Ducks this zoo aviary is great as you walk around these well taken care of birds you will see what we are talking about when we say you will be captivated by the beauty of these animals.  There is also a small aquarium section in this zoo that offers bamboo sharks and sting rays. There are even a few animal special animals that you may not have even known existed until you showed up here such as the Eastern Bongo. One thing is for certain you are sure to have a blast at the zoo in Sioux Falls! The staff is friends, the animals are beautiful and all that is missing is you.