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  • Washington Pavilion of Arts and SciencesWashington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    The Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences in Sioux Falls, South Dakota opened in 1999 and contains a science museum, art gallery, big-format theater and concert hall, making it one of the most attended attractions in the city. The pavilion is housed in a converted old high school that would moved to the northeast edge of the city, designed in the neoclassical style with facade created using huge blocks of Sioux quartzite, which is a pinkish quartzite that is native to the area and can be seen in more splendor at the Big Sioux River falls. There is a small area of the north wing that is built of black rock that many consider to be black quartzite, but in reality is just corson diabase that is actually hardened liquid magma and very interesting to see. The pavilion also houses the Kirby Science Discover Center, which is a huge three floor, hands-on science environment, with two performing arts centers that host numerous Broadway productions, concert productions, operas and dance recitals. It is also home to the state's symphony that hosts small theater and choral events as well as dance groups. Another venue is the Visual Arts center that contains six galleries of changing displays, with all of them free for admission. The Wells Fargo Cinedome is a multiformat sixty foot domed theater that provides numerous films during the year. It seems that all of these venues are available for rent of any nature and could be quite unusual for any type of event.

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  • Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural HistoryGreat Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    The Great Plains Zoo sits on 45 acres in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and houses the Delbridge Museum that is included in the price of admission, so you will get to visit two great sites with just one fee. The museum contains a unique collection of 150 mounted animals that includes 36 species that are almost extinct. Senator Richard F. Pettigrew would have a number of animal specimens at various parks in the state from the 1880s until the 1930s, when the city parks department took over their responsibility, putting more animals on exhibit at Sherman Park. The Zoological Society of Sioux Falls would be started in 1957, and began development of the Great Plains Zoo, that opened in 1963. In the 1970s and 1980s, the zoo would acquire numerous animals and open the children's zoo, birds of prey aviary, the ten acre North American plains display, a primate compound and the black-footed penguin rookery. In the next decade, they would add wild dogs of America, Galapagos tortoise collection, Asian cat habitat, Bear canyon and the Australian outback; but 2005, it had all somehow fallen into disrepair. A new CEO and president would be hired in hopes of turning the zoo around, which Elizabeth Whealey would do and increase the attendance by 60%. The Asian cat habitat houses Pallas's cats, amur tigers and snow leopards, while the African savannah contains East African crowned cranes, ostriches, Grevy's zebras and reticulated giraffes. It is a favorite among the community's children and has begun hosting numerous educational activities that include summer zoocamps, zootot classes, zooznoozes and zoomobiles.

March 15, 2011