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Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center There are some things in history that shouldn’t be forgotten, we as humans learn from our mistakes and the Holocaust was one of those times in history that we need not forget. . While traveling through Skokie, Illinois we found the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. This giant museum has thousands and thousands of artifacts in many exhibits that will inspire and move each and every guests that enters the doors. The Museum focuses on preserving the history of the Holocaust and presenting it to the public in an interactive environment that will teach all who take the time to look. The 65,000 square-foot building was created specifically for this museum, each and every detail was taken into consideration to make it the most memorable experience you will ever have about the holocaust. The building it built into 3 separate areas. The first and the one you enter through is known as the Dark side and here dark walls and sharp corners represent the darkness that led up to the holocaust and what caused the dark spot in history. The middle of the building is known as the hinge and contains the Book of Remembrance which holds the thousands upon thousands of victims slaughtered during the time. In the hinge right between the dark and the light side is an exhibit holding an authentic 20th century German rail car, it is one of the center pieces of the museum. The last part is the ascension into light and services to remember the recused and survivors of the horrific time. The museum is a great place to bring your family and teach them of a time that should not be forgotten.

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Pita Inn When running a restaurant there are just a few qualities that you need to be success. The first is customer satisfaction, that means that whenever a customer walks out the doors they want to talk in again. It ranged from the employee who opened the door as they entered and left to the buss boy the customers saw clean the table next to theirs. If customers are happy and satisfied they will come back. The second quality is well… quality in order to make a patron happy you must serve them quality food at a price they see fit. These two qualities are what have kept the Pita Inn not only in business but thriving for forty years. Opening in 1982 the original Pita Inn was opened right in Skokie. It serves up the best Mediterranean cuisine north of the equator. The food is absolutely great but really sets Pita Inn away from everyone else is the price. At a fast food place like Burger King or McDonalds you can expect to pay between 6-9 bucks for a meal and that all precooked food that isn’t healthy by any stretch of the imagination. At Pita Inn they beat those prices with supplying great fresh cooked meals for starting at just $3.95 for their Combination lunch special. Those prices can’t be beat it is a great place to take the family for a cheap quick meal.