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Beregamot, Somerville There are just some places that you can sit down anywhere and get great food, and Somerville is one of those places. It is filled with great local cuisine that is unmatched It has the best food for miles around. There are custom Berger joints to high-price fine dining. Ones of those top rated restaurant is Bergamot. It’s a local restaurant whose goal is to combine great food, wine, and friends and bring them closer together. The restaurant uses fresh farm ingredient so they have added a blackboard to their menu and it changes several times a week depending on what local food they can get in. The restaurant feels up fast as it has a 69 seat dining room and an 8 seat bar. Reservations are easy to make and can be done over the phone just give them a call at 617-576-7700. The menu is fresh and new thy only use the best ingredients salads are always nice and crisp, They have a large selection of appetizers like fried potato=crusted oysters or house-made charcuterie. The main course is always something to look forward to at Bergamot chose from something heavy like a Barbecue short rib or nice and light like a pan-seared striped bass. Bergamot doesn’t skip on the drinks either they have a full bar with great tasting custom cocktails. There is a lot to choose from like April in Paris or the Maliki Mule. They have four draught beers that aren’t your normal Bud and Miller light but great tasting local beers like the Berkshire Pilsner, or the Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat.

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What to explore in Somerville

Boston Burger Co. If you aren’t up for the fine dining and want something a little bit more comfort food them you just have to stop at Boston burger Co. I am convinced that this place has the best burger you will ever taste. Time and time again they just produce a juicy tender Angus burger. Boston Burger Co. boasts 24 types of burger and all under the 10 dollar range. Everything from the Boston burger which is your classic burger and goes up to crazy burgers like The Jumbo. The Jumbo is a double stacked burger that is covered with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce. Taking the jumbo on in one setting is a feat that will take a few minutes at least. Don’t’ worry if beef isn’t your thing because there is plenty to eat tat Boston burger Co. They have a selection of chicken sandwiches that be able to please even the most seasoned chicken eater. They are never overdone and filled with a ton of flavor. Much like other burger places it doesn’t even with the burgers but they have a selection of appetizers that will complement any meal. You can chose from the popular Mac& Cheese Bites or something a little bit more standard like the Onion rings. Boston burger go is also popular for their boneless wings they have eight different flavors to choose from. You can have all of your standard comfort flavors like Golden BQ and buffalo. They also have a selection of non-stand sauces like Terodactly and Buttery Garlic Parmesan.