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University of Notre Dame in South Bend South Bend is located on the St. Joseph River near its southernmost bend from which the city name was derived. It is also the home to the University of Notre Dame, one of the popular tourist destinations in the city. The university has a rich academic history and athletic tradition located just north of South Bend. People visiting the university will notice its beautiful campus, friendly students and incomparable spirits. You will come across green open space, colorful trees, wonderful buildings, park-like setting of huge stadium and many art works as you walk around the campus. There are two lakes located on the university campus and near the lakes you will come across the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, a replica of the original in Lourdes, France. If you are a college football fan then don’t forget to watch the game between the Fighting Irish and other college football team in the Notre Dame Stadium. For college football fans, there are more to do in South Bend. You can visit the College Football Hall of Fame, a hall of fame and museum devoted to American college football. If you are visiting the city after 2013 then you may have to go to Atlanta since it is slated to move to Atlanta in that year. The hall of fame showcases a century of American college football. There are 829 players enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame representing 186 institutions as of 2008. There are also 178 coaches have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The National Football Foundation oversees its support, administration and operation.

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A few more things in South Bend

South Bend Studebaker National MuseumThere are plenty of other things to do in South Bend, Indiana. Many people visiting the city go to the Studebaker National Museum. Located on the Chapin Street, the museum displays a variety of automobiles, carriages, wagons and military vehicles manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation as well as other aspects of American history. The museum has three floors and each level displays vehicles from different period of time. The collection includes over 70 vehicles and numerous photos and documents. The most notable collection include the Studebaker Sceptre concept car from the 1960s, some Packard production and concept cars, the carriage used by President Abraham Lincoln, a 1902 Studebaker Electric and Studebaker military vehicles built during World War I and II. You can also visit the Snite Museum of Art, a fine art museum operated by the University of Notre Dame. The museum displays over 23,000 artworks representing many world cultures and periods with a focus on Western art history. The museum is main known for Italian Renaissance paintings and Mesoamerican galleries. The museum display includes paintings by artists such as Francesco de Mura, Taddeo di Bartolo, Walter Sickert, Luini, Memling, Fiammingo, Corot and Georgia O'Keeffe. If you have children and looking for a fun place for them then you can take them to the Potawatomi Zoo. Opened in 1902, It is the oldest zoo in Indiana. The zoo is situated on 23 acres Potawatomi Park and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It features more than 400 animals from many different species including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In addition to viewing the zoo animals, you can also take a train ride around the western half of the zoo. The facilities at the Potawatomi Park include a softball court, tennis courts, a swimming pool, picnic area and playground.