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Things to do in South Burlington

redrocksOriginally claimed by the Native Americans the state of Vermont got its French roots after the French and Indian war. The state was the 14th state to become part of the United States. Small in size Vermont is the 6th smallest state and the 2nd least populated, but you wouldn’t know that by being the in the Burlington area. The city of Burlington became so big and so populated they broke into two smaller cities in 1865. Now even the city of South Burlington is home to over 17,000 people. Vermont is the only New England state that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. South Burlington is located on the western side of the state and is known for its beautiful shore line as it sits on Lake Champlain. South Burlington offers a high standard of beauty shown in its parks and recreational opportunities and the well known secret of Red Rocks Park. Offering miles of trails the park has separate foot trail and biking trails. As you wind in and out of breathtaking forest the trails will take you for a loop and bring you out on the beautiful rocky shoreline. Public swimming is allowed at the lake beach and the park offers many pavilions and grills to make this a hot spot to enjoy the views South Burlington has to offer.

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A few more things in South Burlington

magichatWho doesn’t enjoy free beer on a vacation? South Burlington is home to the Magic Hat Brewery and proudly invites everyone to join them.  No reservation necessary, you can stop into the Magic Hat Brewery and go through a self guided tour of just how the magic happens. You will be able to take your time and go at your own pace as you walk through the brewing process and be mesmerized by how such simple ingredients become such a bold taste. If you want to watch something just a little faster than the 30 day brewing process you can walk through the bottling section of the brewery and see just how fast 400 bottles a minute looks like.  Located at the end of the tour is the Magic Hat Artifactory. Looking more like a rabbit’s hole than a history of beer the tour continues down the tunnel of artifacts and ends up at the Growler Bar. When we said free beer you probably had no clue just how much we meant. The bar consists of 48 taps that are ready to go and constantly changing so that you can taste everything that Magic Hat has to offer. Whether your favorite Magic Hat beer is a seasonal beer only offered around Christmas or a pumpkin brew of Halloween you can find it year round here in South Burlington and that alone is enough reason to take the trip today