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Riverfront-ParkLocated one hundred miles south of the Canadian border you will find Spokane, the second largest city in Washington. Originally named after the Spokane Native American Indian tribe that settled here its name means “Children of the Sun,” and when you visit the city it is not hard to see that this name is still true today.  Spokane is filled with beautiful parks with breathtaking views and the children as well as everyone else are out playing in the sun. Spokane’s Riverfront Park is among some of the best parks in the world and with a park this great you might as well plan a day out of it. This 100 acre park is located on Spokane River just downstream of Spokane Falls. The park has much to offer and includes: a dining area, IMAX Theater, clock tower, amusement rides for kids, pony rides, enchanted mini golf, skating rink during the winter months, a sky ride over the falls, the Spokane River Centennial Trail, a giant red wagon, and the historic Riverfront Park Carousel. The park offers a day pass that includes admisson to all rides and putt putt golf. This makes the Riverfront Park an afforable adventure for the entire family.

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A few more things in Spokane

One-of-A-KindWhen you read “one of a kind museum” you should take it as literal as possible because no museum in the world will be like what you will experience here. Marvin Carr was born in 1927 and after suffering from a railway injury he retired and became a very successful investor. At age 70 he cashed out his stocks and started his own museum. He first bought the building, an old Spokane warehouse, and then started finding things to fill it. The museum is filled with anything and everything that interest Carr and everything he wants you to like as well. What a collection it is. From cars belonging to Elvis, JFK, and Jackie Gleason to 1950s gag gifts this place has it all. While in other museums you might be able to find cars once owned by famous people Mr. Carr will let you pick your favorite and sit inside of it. Not only does his museum have a water cooled World War I German machine gun and a 16 foot tall stuffed giraffe but they sit right next to each other in the same room! Marvin pays attention to every detail and you can see it in the eyes, literally. Marvin thinks eyes are very important so he had someone drill out the eyes in every painting and replace them with glass ones. Every person is given a personal tour of Carr’s museum so it doesn’t feel like a tour rather an old friend showing you his collection, and what is truly incredible is Mr. Carr furnished his entire museum without a cell phone or a computer. If you are looking for a truly unique experience while visiting Spokane look no further than this “One of a Kind” Museum.