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AQ Chicken House Sometimes the name of something says it all. But other times it says nothing. In Springdale Arkansas there is a restaurant where the name is everything, AQ Chicken House. Now when I first saw this I was stumped by the name, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it stood for. The answer however was so simple. After all, it’s the simple answers in life that always allude us. AQ stands for Arkansas Quality, now if you aren’t from Arkansas or have not eaten anything cooked in an Arkansas fashion then this still doesn’t mean anything to you. Let me tell you what this is the best chicken that you can find in the middle states. AQ first opened its doors in 1947 and for over 65 years it has been service the same great award winning AQ chicken. AQ serves what its founder Roy C. Ritter calls “Southern Style” which is a Pan-Fried Chicken. AQ makes such a delicious chicken that in 1970 AQ won the best Pan-Friend Chicken competition 10 years in a row and the Times announces it for all to see. AQ is also a big deal because its found also created a poultry house and processing plant. The company was named Tyson Foods. This might sound familiar because they are still today one of the leading producers of frozen chicken in supermarkets. AQ has a large and delicious menu and the majority of its dishes have chicken in them, which shouldn’t come to a surprise. But believe me these dishes are full of flavor and the can’t be beat. In 1999 President Bush ordered A.Q. Chicken from Air Force one.

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What to explore in Springdale

Farmland Adventures Have you ever wondered what farms do with all their extra space? Well one family in Springdale has done something rather special and rare, creating Farmland Adventures. Farmland Adventures is a Parsons Family creation and they hope to be able to teach and who you how important farming to the country and show some southern hospitality. The Parsons have been on the same farm since 1910, in the 40’s the farm increased and started to grow Strawberries, grapes, apples, and peaches. The 60’s and 80’s came and again the farm grew, until finally in 2010 the farm grew in a different sense. The Persons opened Farmland Adventures creating a petting zoo and offering pony rides to guests. The park was a success and in 2011 the added a corn maze, pumpkin path, and a kid’s play area. The kids area is great for the younger members of the family there is a hay bale pyramid, straw bale maze, or a corn box for them to enjoy. The corn box is one of my favorites because kids can dig around in the corn then hope out and not be covered with sand. The most popular attraction that is great for big kids is the Corn Maze. The Maze is 9-acre and its from above is a specially designed pattern. This year happens to correspond with the presidential elections and features the faces of Obama and Mitt Romney with the white house between them. The maze is one of a kind and you won’t find anything like this anywhere else. Farmland Adventures is open in the Fall each year and admission is just $9 for adults, and there is discounted rates for kids, seniors, and military. You might want to bring a few extra bucks for feed at the petting zoo or so you can pick a pumpkin from the patch.